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Copyricht 1956 Washington Post Company

79th Year No. 316


lraq Halts March at Jordan’s border


Phone RE. 7-1234 me WTOP Radio (1500) TV (Ch, 9)

Eisenhower Finds Aid In Interest

Pe | A dl al to Ask | pen-Gurion Ready to Fight

1-Test Ban Arab Forces Stopped If Elected

By Israel’s Warning Makes First Task

| ”A Pact With Reds And Britain to Stop Fallout Peril

(Text on Page A-9)

Scientists Reject Idea Of Negro


Intellectual Ability Rises in Northern Schools, 18 Top

Researchers Note

By Jack Lavie V » Fi . International News Service ‘Nasser @ Key igure | ecurit JERUSALEM, Oct. 15—Israeli| J, Mideast Crisis | Premier David Ben-Gurion ‘warned today the reported im-| Crisis goes back to the ef. | ‘minent entry of Iragi troops fort to prevent control of Jor- | ‘into Jordan would violate the’ dan by Egypt's Nasser, See | 1949 Palestine armistice and Page A-18. ' could mean war. | Several hours later, Jordan) | and Iraq announced that Iraqi for ag - pw sheng into} forces would not enter Jordan joining the Baghdad Pact. le By a “at this time,” but would re-| And i nad meena .|main on the borders ready to|Im @ major policy statement to CHICAGO, Oct. 15—Adlai give instant aid if Jordan was| Parliament that Israel reserved | Stevenson said tonight he attacked by Israel. : ay right to freedom ob cascge a would open negotiations) Divergent pressures were be--' Such a move was en WV) with Briistn snd Russia to lieved. to-have. caused the Jor-|Hussein, King of Jordan, and 4 1 orican aid to Yugoslavia danian decision. Egypt opposed Iraqi leaders. ! b end H-bomb testing ands. march of Iraqi troops on| (Even as Ben-Gurion spoke, ut he announced that hea

would make this “about the grounds their presence in Jor- Jordan called om the U. N. Se-military equipment, includ- first order of business” if he'dan would be only a “cover”: See ISRAEL, Page Al2, Col. 3 ing about 200 jet aircraft, is elected President in No- will be held up for the time vember. \being. Economic aid, chiefly we eee ee food, will be granted. on in

1 he "areahenet’ TV and _Ina formal message to the radio speech. “It seems to me Vice President and the ‘imperative that a world policy Speaker as required by Con-

gress, Mr. Eisenhower replied

Eisenhower Leaves Today eee “ae osm iret | ° ‘» “iets ree mcr ong ON Swing to West Coast cm i.e" Say

possible moment.” Taking : panes man 4 | cratic politicians said could) : Owners Died in August Crash ees; snake ar tuenk hie oy kawecd 9: Petes had erdered him to saswer if erate Renorter aid to that Communist nation

Army Tu rms | presidential campaign, Mr. Ste- BF : | President Eisenhower yes-, The situation in Oregon, to Were to be continued. feriority of Negroes was in-

e venson not only renewed his| ay eg a paBite nt Copters Into D O gs W att tor a C all terday added Los Angeles to judge from reports, is much! The President said he an-

Heavy Arms, 200 Planes Held Up for Time Being, Note To Congress Says By Chalmers M. Roberts

Stag Reporter President Eisenhower yes- terday decided to continue


By Eve Edstrom Stal! Reporter The theory that Negroes! are intellectually inferior to white persons was. attacked as “scientically unjustified” by 18 of the Nation’s leading social scientists yesterday. _ To. refute the theory they presented a body of scientific fact. In so doing, they noted that they were not taking sides on desegregation issues but wanted to set the record straight on some statements made in relation to these is- sues. The alleged intelleetual in-

Los Angeles Added

panions, Eskimo Spitz dogs, survived. Now the two white pets return daily to the scene of the crash to maintain a vigil, waiting for their masters. The early photograph shows Mrs. Marquez and the three dogs.

Two months ago Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Es- trada Marquez of 2207 K st. nw. were killed in an autemobile wreck near Green- | ville, Va. Killed also was one of their three dogs, a brown one, although its twe com-

a | )

roposal es eons me ane wy e announc y he would Peper’ | cross-country campaign the same as it is in Washing-| cwered “affirmatively” al Investigation of the Dlotates‘s | follow At up if elected, tea (swing which he begins today. |ton. That is, the President is ion et reat bn ter integrated schools and *“@the Plush Craft | 9 | warnings y President Eisen-| The tour, which will last five a favorite to win the state's six : ublished conelnaios at, 5 he I] Never H ear ower and other members of days.and take in five states, electoral votes, but his friend)®° change in Yugoslavian pol ©. J. MeGurk, Villaneva Uni-) J y | his Administration that such a will be the most ambitious the and political ally, former Sec-icies under which aid has beer versity professor. | By John G, Norris ~ e couatne might endanger aation-|Chief Rasemtive bee embarked |retary of the Lanetine Donglas| given since Tito brake with McGurk’s view that N | Sta Reporter deny 41 bf ety. on in his drive for a second McKay, js threatened with de-|Stalin. In S and that Yugo. as a group a0 net ‘postens oat The Army is converting eight rong Eskimo Spitz dogs, thrown clear in the auto crash Democratic nominee iterm. Also it will be the most feat in his effort to capture the |slavia is “independent” of Rus | at killed their master and mistress last August, have re-| insisted: ri ince his h ttack. Ww " " much capacity for learning as of jts 5 helicovte : - : rigorous since eart attack. seat of Sen. Wayne Morse (D-sian control; that Yugoslavia white persons previously drewl. = “78° Mencopters int) turned to the scene to set up a ul vi °y LP little Senger Road Accompanied by Mrs. Eisen- Ore.). This is the GOP’s No. 1 is “not participating” in any strong criticism from four/¥sh poacenees eo at a cost) Whether they mourn the dead man and his wife who —t ue Somer con.|hower, two speech writers and target in this year’s congres-“Communist conquest of the Catholic University professors/0f 541,500 each for use ont raised them in this city or their duets further tests we would other staff aides, General sional races. world” policy, and that it is in

- -

and a pioneer Catholic inter- racial authority.

brown companion dog of an-' Three of the “copters” al- other breed who also died in Palace Aides

The social scientists, all of whom hold top positions in universities or research insti- tutions, cited the position of leading scientific organizations which have “opposed the con- clusion that race was a deter- miner of innate psychological characteristics

This position of the Ameri- can. Anthropological Associa- tion and the Society for the Psy- chological Study of Social Is- sues, among others dates back to the time when Nazi race theories were receiving much

< - pespaag a ws raat know it and, as I have said, ready have been delivered tothe head-on auto-truck~ crash, the 3d Transportation om will never be Known. me , yet et clenggggreborroe The vigil scene 1s the inter- light-and-dark-brown leather section of Routes 340 and Pe panelling, green window cur- near Greenville, some 9 miles tains and ivory ceilings are be- South of Staunton, Va, itig admired. There, on Aug. 18, Antonio Last fall. when the arniéd Bstrada Marquez, 57, and his icopters transported’¥ fe, Paiieet axtotare aad ahee to of 2207 K st. nw., and Lanham, announced that. Queen Juliana’said. and from Président Eisenhow- Md.; met death. er’s Gettysburg farm, there An eye-witness said he saw

were complaints about the bare 4 little white dog thrown from hahevecnte, lack of steps, and the car as it was shattered. The/@5. a result of the recent furor d

Are Shifted By Juliana

THE HAGUE, Oct. 15 (>!

‘ing it last. spring, four months


“Others—and not

\Eisenhower, will take off in the; Gen Fisenhower made his/America’s “national security”

would have no choice but to resume such tests ourselves.”|morning for the Wold-Cham-

Mr. Stevenson said he delib-|berlain Airport erately chose to make his pro-|/Minneapolis and St. Paul. He posal “as far removed from will make speeches in both of politics as possible” by advanc-|the Twin Cities.

before the national party con- the Minneapolis Sunday -bune, indicates a close fight for I—have that state’s 11 electoral votes, chosen to make this proposal giving these figures: Mr. Eisen- Emma. Sutton Marquez,,The Dutch government today},,. peace a political issue,” he hower. 49 per cent: Mr: ;

“But I think this is good.}son, per cent, wi PET the Gold te’ is reorganizing various depart-|After all, the issue is man-jcent undecided. sic io e Golden State's

; kind’s survival, and man shoul e President wi eo

ments of the royal household debate it, fully, openly, and in\again at 1:45 p.m. (CST) nae emocracy’s established proc- Seattle, Wash. He will make a

Columbine at 8:40 o’clock this decision to add Los Angeles to interest to continue aid.

his itinerary, it would seem, as|' These were the President's the result of appeals from Cal- three replies:

ifornia Republicans, including 6¢¥- The policy of assisting Vice President Richard M. Yugoslavia was begun

by The Minnesota Poll, taken by crommey rns Be a bee this Government in 1949, Phat

Tri-'Stevenson and Sen. Estes Ke- fauver were waging a primary Yugoslav, Italian Reds battle there, leading Democrats Pledge Mutual Res t

said it was almost certain that, the Président would again get} Malian and Yugoslav Reds 32 electoral yesterday announced ‘Coop- votes. They pointed out that: ee Besa the frame. he carried the state by more work of “the principles of equality and noninterference

that serves

than 700,000 votes in 1952. Evi- dently there has been a change

the excessive noise and vibra- dog appeared badly hurt, but over her relationship with the ecces

dragged itself away and disap- healer Miss Greet Hof. ‘tion of the uninsulated craft. peared, said H. W. Harner, as.(cauth ealer Miss G1

speech | He said that at that time he mont at 020 aioe (PBT) | si I that the'then motor to Tacoma, where The converted Army itreaf sociated with a Howard John” i etee States (uke the initio he will speod the night st the UNESCO House in Paris, is- g, he Rh ae son restaurant at the bepereny A ae eon by the vive by announcing our willing-/home of his brother, Edgar. = sued a Statement on Race? + , ”’ ; *' tion, overnment information Sserv- to stop th tests, by call-- Most political observers think | which declared that, ‘given sim-tered by Air Service, Strat) «1, one saw the second Spitz ice denied recent reports that cag » A wage pone 4 fol-'that cae Peeskiins has a good ® Presidential plug for I) cree ge Bream bon gy Bee ilar degrees of cultural oppor- ford, Conn., should please the disappear, but both dogs have'the Queen still had direct orj.. our lead, and “making chance to again get Washing- candidate for the Senate, Sen. ernment of Yaseilevia. Tk wes tunity to realize their poten- ‘oP . brass. Fiberglass and feturned to the wreck scene indirect contact with the 61-\ lear that unless they did like-.ton’s 9 electoral votes, but say, /homas H. Kuchel, whase Dem- sadortahen beenuie, dean tialities. the average achieve- aluminum honeycomb inswla-qaijy The first dog, still crip- year-old woman whose iM-.i.. we would have to resume that Gov. Arthur Langlie, who ocratic opopnent is Richard...) internal policies. it Was ment of the members of each tion cut down much of the pled in the right front leg, sits fluenee over the monafch re-|.,, experiments too.” ‘was the 1956 Republican key- Richards, ee ee Bay omy Ber ethnic group is about the same.” "Oise and vibration. Adjust- by the roadside—opposite the portedly caused a deep rift be- “It was simple,” he said. “It\note orator, is trailing in his (tor.

ble ail ith f the accident d juli d her husband |. The: President will. speak atithe ite edanen at ae : able airliner seats wilh foam point of the accident —- and tween Juliana and her husoand,’,, fe, it was workable. And fight for the seat of Sen. War- ak at the independence of Yugoslavia By ns Ug soot roe rubber cushions, foot rests and howls in grief. The second Spitz Prince Bernhard. a d fig

, . be that time both Russiairen Magnuson (D-Wash.). Gen.'® rally in the Hollywood Bow! against a major effort by the See INTELLECT, P. A3, Col, ¢ 2°U»le _ashbtrays replace the waits nearby quietly. | The Queen will consult with oo i Great Britain a... de Eisenhower will try to’ give 0M Friday evening. Thus far, Soviet Union to dominate that } , P. Aj, ** old canvas seats. Steps for John A. Hemp, friend of the prince Bernhard on the reor- clared their willingness to join Langlie’s candidacy a boost. White House Press Secretary country. : easy loading and unloading Marquez couple here, said the ganization after the Prince re-lus in trying to establish ghe| On Thursday morning, the \/@mes C. Hagerty said yester- “The balance of available 36 Dead. 42 Hurt 2%¢ Deen _addes. two Spitzes and a brown dogiturns from his visit to the kind of policy I have suggest-'President will motor from the/44Y, No arrangements have eveeence eke Sp 38 See aaa By Army officers said the new had been in their car when the United States early in Novem- ed.” home of his brother to Puget Deen made to broadcast this wat of amen ie ee vr In Ja an Wreck _<taft_ate the first big passen- couple left Washington that ber, the Communique said. It was here he said we should Sound University, where He ‘peech 7, Dive or television.\F ion and desites tb ‘semthnana

pP hi Cc ger helicopters to fly—at least fateful Saturday. Earlier today the Dutch Gov- “lose no more time” and as-|will greet those at a rally ar- The Chief Executive will to be independent: that it is cheek 4 hs i in the United States. None of, Marquez was an animal care-ernment issued a communique serted: ranged by Citizens for Eisen-/Spend Friday night at the Bev. AGOYA, Japan, Oct. (Tuesday) —At least.36 per- sons were killed and 42 in- jured last night when a packed train going to a big Shinto Shrine festival rammed full

in Seattle ne in outlook since then, because now they are saying the state is a réal battleground. |

California is another state

where the Republirans want|POlicy, was not based upon

publicity More recently, however, so cial scientists, meeting in

in the internal life of both nations.” Page Ald.

now a state sena-

“oe Se will take off from Los At that independence; anal that for commercial use and as 0 stitute of Research here. His Government Ministers and.order of business to follow up'Chord Field for Portland, Ore. © Will take 5 AD some assistance from the now have not been apn wife was a poetess and writer politicians to induce the Queen on the opportunity presented He will speak there Thursday. geles at 8 a. m. yA al Saturday. United States continues to be for civillan Oe atanins yo © of many subjects. Both wereito abdicate in favor of her 18-now by the other atomic pow-This speech will be televized OP the way to Washington he required and is desired by the Air Force and Marine Cor, reported deeply attached to year-old daughter, Princess ers. lover the ABC television net- \ -oming t | % | Wh J ' IKE, Page A-2, Col. 1 | . “I am awere of the fact that es: pond Se eS cargo craft. ; _ |truth” in the report. | See ADLAI, Page A2, Col. 1 | viens at 11:30 p.m. (EDT).| See ag ithe designs of the Soviet Cndaen miles south of here. | * Enthusiasti¢ Yet Hl-Advised Friends’ laebtle than’ heretelene, ana The train was being shunted , 4 sf ; . Sei Butler Takes ‘Full Responsibility’ for Co ite Tydings-Browder enator Duller Lakes espons or Composite S-Drow ended against, way's main line. Another train g P y se x dot ny eae liage wy ——~<~“*_| Picture in 1950 Campaign But Denies Advance Knowledge of Its Use Ic c p S o its independence; and the Soviet endangering of that in

, still subject to efforts the the large ‘copters built in this tayer for the veterinary divi-idenying a British newspaper) “Therefore, if elected Presi- hower. Then at 12:15 p. m. ei A Hilton Hotel in Los Am coviet Union to en Bw country have been available io of Walter Reed Army In-report of a plot among Dutch dent, I would count it the first (PST) he will take off from Mc- 8¢les.

tig Dm ah ae will stop = at yng and tae ges orgy of Yugoslavia to speed into a crash barrier and WC vice in arge copte their ts as the dogs apparent- Beatrix. The government said “In the meantime—and work at 7:30 p. m. (PST). The address @ Tany at t ea port. assure the maintenance of its toppled into the path of an on- ee aokes ad teal ly tay to them—even after, there was “not a shred of frankly because bitter experi- telecast will be carried here by After taking aboard his mother- independence. death. to aa but failed to slow that perhaps those designs are yd , it barat” reali “the oe Seen, en pr ; § barrier and fell across the rail- x . Ugo main the basic factors, ie., the , PV ant Ad : | : " | dependence. | ° o years later, in 1992, But-66*) My @inding that Finds 4 Buyers For 1 Boat

‘independence of Yugoslavia; ‘the dedication of Yugoslavia

tions man, was forced by cir-

| Bee YUGO, Page Al0, Col. 3 . ¥ . PS

; ' “My boat was sold the first day* Butler said neither he, nor state election laws. my want.ad appeared. L. could

“For this he has paid have sold 4 hoate if 1 had

them,” reported Mr. Paul K. Walker, 200 Belleview Blvd. Alexandria, Va.

Sell anything faster—sailing beat or scooter bike—through The Washington Pot and Herald—reaching 382, families daily, ever 127,000 more families tham any other paper in town. Phone—

RE. 7-1234

: , . I I nes.” In that ndex picture purporting to show Sen. Joseph R: M and Mahoney | 19 in Congress Got then-Sen. Millard F. Tydings Wis.) over McCarthy's charges yj é' talking cocneae? Ronen 0 8 disloyalty in the State De Free Sea Trips. P, A-lZ nist leader Hari Browder, Dubr'partment. | Amusements 06,7| Keepin Well vs) ler declared: : incumbent friends” | a was. main! 7 vt} we] feeahe admit that this pic- Bg lle a gy Se prepared a yesiden _f of the primary cam-| Butler todk note of devia- Childs .... Al4Wilgallien—s,- ot ture was | | (Following Butler's speech, ip that ea City Life.....8) pomenn ...Al pring a lle ay eed al romney! wl ele og a statement pdPearee ase ghee Re a te ee of rer the line SUP classified .C9-15|Movie Guide ...06 Netanehon mater how plainly wen Bog Ry teloviees acvate, put *@¥ing: “Senator Butler's atic Party in Maryland. Srogram., saying the President eee ee ere igh B2 canalod, have no plate in politi. Mahoney's withdrawal due to "pee 2. page ae ‘Here Butler wang info the doesn't want “yes men” on his susie “tind Phleenceere ee cal cam~~*~ns.”. “crow campaign sched . utler quoted t beom-'offensive, not con-team. . , | BIg oe Buti ~'s speech delivered makes it impossible “to have ace 3 age im the mittee as gpncluding that “the tenders Bae ay ary were’ The Senator he ‘Dito ....-Al5 Parsons ,..4 06 over W)' ‘%-TV fm Baltimore, the right to face my accuser.” s admi oe age vet Mahoney and Wil--backed the | oe DM gp Bae admissions oreo ad. whee

the peo ge, Sutdar enid he bes been “andlsign that the right to still am willing to accept fullimatter there. It goes on - : ; | | * c , - £0

(Mahoney, his Democratic op- and ponent. ; “|

> . Fare eAgseare om,

. : 7 ) . +e ~_* ' e cd * 7 s

THE. WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERA \ 2 Tuesday, October 16, 1956

- A-Vessel Gets Ike’s Go-Ahead

By Frank Eleazer United Press

President Eisenhower yester-' more than three years fo build) day ordered full speed ahead the MOREC powsr plant. | on construg¢tion of an atom- al a heal apelioel’ st o aoa’ powered merchant ship in jing with Chairman Lewis L. ; ly wil ad to S Ss! j . "an'all-nuclear ‘merchant fleet. |Commission: “Chairman, Clar_dence that the combination pas- in lengih, 78 feet in beam and At a White House ceremony | ence G. Morse of the Maritime|senger-cargo vessel “will be the will travel at a service_ speed)

Mr. Eisenhower instructed top Commission; Louis Rothschild,|forerunner of atomic merchant.of 21 knots.

atomic and merchant marine

Under Secretary of Commerce) hi | | | officials to get the ship on its'for Transportation, and Gen,|*"* passenger fleets which one; The vessel will be powered (special)—The plan of the conditions under which the way as soon as possibie



GPO Goes Easy On the Taxpayers

Public Printer Raymond)saved, due to efficiency, his of- © Blattenberger handed the fice said yesterday. ) Treasury Department another! Treasury Secretary George

ie. 'M. Humphrey, who accepted $2 million yesterday, bringing the shake ‘told Bidtionbereer jto $13 million the total refunds|his performance was “out- for the Government Printing|/standing.” He added, “If every Office si department of Government ffice since 1953. could equal what you are doing

It was the fourth time Blat-our financial problems would tenberger has returned money'be greatly reduced.”

3 » » . ye se as « fe Py : § > -.

a ¥

seat ae"



7” a . ml © fe

| ait ae


= Associated Press

This is an artist's view of the first atomic-powered mer- passengers and 12,000 tons of cargo at a speed of 21 knots chant ship, oh which President Eisenhower has called for with 20,000-horsepower. The ship will be about 595 long. expedited work. The vessel will be designed to carry 100 The drawing was displayed yesterday at the White House.


| I Comets Mondes., Twesdes WwW. Inesday Saturday. 10am w6 em

| ; Store H. ure |

M si" Store and Sy rine \ alley M meday thru Saturdey 10am. to6pm

Thursdey, Fiidey, lOam 9 Wom

Court Rules For Fairfax Dam LEESBURG, Va.,

Oe ae

Oct” IS from both sides on terms and

Formal Attire

‘tons of cargo. legal barrier today. be provided by the $44 mil- Maritime officials have em-| Circuit Court Judge Rayner “©® system including the dam. ad by ° phasized that the first atomic--V,; Snead overruled an opposi- cdiai Fults fi-iests End First | < he) Ww, | We , ord ing educators from Lebanon ADLAI—From Pa I \politicians in Mr. Stevenson’s:c ; ., take’ another 10 years to turn people living along the stream. ; LA ge 4 te party have been wee pear s hieeuad Contac at out suitable reactors on a big:Attorney John \lexander had, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and ence has proved that we can- of the tack he was taking. At|dynamite—enough to blow him enough scale to make them/asked that the findings, made India today attended the Na- not rely even on the firm agree- first some of them tried toito smithereens and then some ©o™mercially useful. by a commission appointed by tional Conferenee of ‘County weapous and with further re-,national defense with the Presi-\gen bomb, which has already|{°r its construction. hear suggestions on Nov. 16'ods in this country. | search in this field.” dent, the foremost World War\been exploded.” | Mr. Stevenson then gave a II general. 2. The testing of an H b point-by-point. rebuttal to ar-| But Mr. Stevenson,, strength- " . oom He said it is completely be- determined to go side the point to say there are way. At a staff not “proper international safe-/Saturday,; thé~ “pros” guards, since Mr. Eisenhower |along, too.

can be so quickly detected that )no system of “inspection” is required. He said: “We will ‘know when it happens any- where, and by studying the dust ‘from that explosion we can de- ‘termine what progress the oth-

Con- K. E. Fields, AEC General Man. 44Y will unite the nations of the by a 20,000-horsepower pres-/Town of Fairfax to build a dam dam might be built. He has pre- struction is expected powered ship will not be “com- tion move to throw out find- Educators Confer ment of one bloc of world pow- hush him up, contending that!—the destructive force in their. ©O"8TeS® authorized the ship Judge Snead, be set aside aS and Rural Area School Super- guments used against his plan ened in his conviction/ by cheers “has himself acknowledged we

ler ‘country has made. This


Tailored by Baker Our fine Men's Clothing Shop

offers distinguished evening attire Anderson, Symington on Panel means that if any country In a sense, Mr. Stevenson —— Tyee Pome. aod a oe 'was replying to the opposition/*°0W ne could prompuy re- For Keeping up Research ‘of the “pros” tonight when he S¥me our own testing.

As for other nations “getting said in his speech: “Finally, I} 3. The tests, if continued, the jump on us,” he said he had say to you that leaders must /may cause the human race un- never suggested what Mr. Ei-lead; that where the issue is|measured damage. With every senhower implied, namely that of such magnitude, I have no|explosion, huge quantities of we could be stopping our re- right to stand silent; I owe it\radioactive material dre search, while others would con-'to you to express my views, pumped into the air currents tinue theirs. whatever the consequences.” \of the world, later to fall to

“Obviously we should stop| Mr. Stevenson developed his|earth as dust or in rain. He our research,” he said. “We proposal during the first half said: “This radioactive ‘fallout’ should prepare ourselves so\of a 30-minute broadcast, and carries something called stron- that, if another country vio-'spent the last half discussing|tium-90, which is the most lated the agreement, we could it on a panel with two promi-'dreadful poison in the world) be in a position to resume tests nent Democrats, Sen. Clinton... in sufficient concentration) —if we have to—within not'P. Anderson (N. Mex.), chair- it can cause bone cancer and more than eight weeks.” man of the Congressional Joint dangerously affect the repro-

He denied his proposal Committee on Atomic Energy,'ductive processes.” would in any way weaken our and Sen. Stuart Symington; 4 With only three powers| defense, and he called as his (Mo.), chairman of a special testing the bomb today the own witnesses “many distin- Senate Armed Forces Commit- dangers are “ominous enough.” guished scientists, as well as tee investigating the Natign’s What will happen when the other leading figures in this airpower. |“secret” of making the big country and the world.” Mr. Stevenson said the search'bomb spreads around the

“On this matter the begin-'for peace will “begin,” not world? Mr. Stevenson quoted ning and end of wisdom do end, with the halting of the|Harold E. Stassen. the Presi- not lie in the White House bomb tests. dent's adviser on disarmament, and its advisers,” he said. + “What we will accomplish|as saying last May that the se-

Then he criticized Mr. Ei-is a new beginning and theicret will so spread within a senhower, as he did many world needs nothing so much! year. Then, said Mr. Stevenson:| times on the West Coast, for as a new beginning,” be said.|“Think what would happen if telling a press conference re- ‘a maniac, another Hitler, had cently he had sai@ his “last Saye World Lects % U. &. ithe hydrogen bomb. And imag- word” on this subject. “People everywhere are wait-\ine what the consequences!

He said he found that atti-ing for the United States to|\would be if a dozen nations! tude “disturbing” and repeated:|take once more the leadership|were conducting hydrogen “This is one subject on which |for bgp - ,|bomb tests...” there cannot be, there must not}; “We must regain the moral) be, any last word.” irespect we once had and Io prnory bh + gnedos

Mr. Stevenson's announce- our stubborn, sélf-righteous |+ ime he went on the air ment that he would negotiate rigidity has nearly lost.” | : with Russia on ending the tests} The Democratic nominee dis-'Collects $5 for Party as his first act as President had missed Republican criticism of} 1, the morning, however. about as much of the drama of/his plan as “negative,” then he}. took time out to call on a! another announcement,- made|set down four arguments Why, inertyville neighbor and s0-|’ by his opponent in the race for|he said, it “is-an insistent ne-))i.i+ 5 $5 contribution to the the presidency just four years cessity for the world to stop no nocratic Party. agp. In the closing weeks of the at least testing of these terrify- Aa a Bagg ESI INES | 1952 campaign, Mr. Eisenhower|ing weapons.” These were: =|, Ul. RVEUNOn Williamn| stole the show with a five-word| 1. A single H-bomb today G Wells , Nain eel Ne: off. statement: “I shall go to Ko-could destroy the world’s larg- the “Dollars rong Democrata”’

est city. He put it this way: inten The pte and gets mar il lf every man, weenan and way officially Tuesday.

Wells, ja retired salesman iwho now earns spare money isharpening saws, contributed ‘the $5 without even waiting! for the sales talk. | Libertyville is a predomi-| nantly Republican community and Wells took dour note of _ fact. :




Your choice of 6 Non-Stop Flights daily



to start ager. ‘world in peaceful trade.” ‘surized water reactor. It will’ across Goose Creek in Lou- viously found that the town

next year. It will take a little, Mr, Eisenhower voiced confi-,| The new ship will be 595 feet carry 100 passengers and 12,000' qoun County passed another! needed the water which would \mercially feasible” from a cost|ings that the dam did not men- o : istandpoint. They said it will ace navigation or the health of RILANEM, Cet. 15 W—Tour

ers—we will proceed both with|no votes were to be had by de-|arms would be equal to the’ the closing days of the last/contrary to law and evidence. | intendents in an effort to learn

the production of hydrogen bating a matter affecting our|force of one 2-megathon hydro-|5¢5sion, providing $42.5 million) Judge Snead said he would more about organization meth-

by the President and Nixon|his proposal received from

and others. /crowds on the West

can detect any large explosion


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| |

i : 7


One of a serves telling what Chesapeake and Ohio is doing to make this a bigger,


Chessie rides. the waves

rea. Mahy of the professional,


‘ons : 3 ; IKE—From Pagel = Justice Minton

Ike Off Today Retires From To Far West apron Court

| Associated Press “There are very few Demo-| inlaw, Mrs. John S. Doud,| Justice Sherman Minton re-crats around here,” he told whose home is in Denver, he tired from the Supreme Court/reporters. “Sometimes I think) will continue on to Washington yesterday after serving seven I'm the other Democrat. and is scheduled to arrive here) ye

years-and three days. He will ain Tonich succeeded today by Justice" Ag night at 9 p. m. (EDT). Mr. Stevenson on Tuesday) Even the Democrats ac- New Jersey Supreme Court.

William J. Brennan Jr., of the will get some more rest at his ibe ilie farm, knowlege that the President Minton announced on Sept. 7 Libertyville

Earlier this Year, Chesapeake and Ohio and two other major coal-carrying railroads, lead- ing coal producers and exporters and the United Mine Workers joined together to form American Coal Shipping, Inc.—a new $50 mil- lion company to assure a stable and continu- ing movement of American coal for Europe's industrial expansion.


Through its Atlantic port of Newport News, Virginia, C&O currently handles nearly half of America’s mounting export of bituminous coal. Almost 20 million tons will move through this port'in 1956 and a new $3 million pier addition there will further increase C&O’s coal han- dling capacity.

then he'll Get that he was retiring because of catch a night train out of Chi- is a heavy favorite to win Colo faing health. His departure cago for two days of old- rado’s six electoral votes. Here was without any further an- eon Py merge Me ss |

ever, there is a S0uncement. roug ichigan an o. | ake / fe ae at oh Minton took his place as| Qn, Friday he will switch i —— 7 8 oe usual at noon, watched as sevy- back to planes for quick hit-/"). one from which Sen. Eugene ora) attorneys were admitted and-run flights to Lexington, 52% Millikin, a Republican, is re-to practice before the . High and age ag and bad ae oS iring. Th ontestants are Court and then arose and connati, 10, all In One Gay. Se pee es . . > Thornton. a stepped through the heavy On Saturday he will fly to Re le former Goy. Dan eget drapes behind the bench. South Bend, Ind. to speak at a iar’ eae sd golf crony of the President, The Court then made public mid-morning rally. Later he'll (i 7 and former Rep. John Carroll, orders for the day in which he attend the Notre Dame-Michi-" 45. a Democrat. had cast his votes. Minton ex- gan State football game as the ime >

In advance of his trip to the Pects to return soon to his guest of Father Theodore S. g& : : home in New Albany, Ind. Hesburgh, president of Notre =

Pacific Coast, President Eisen- ' va

Dame. hower last night inaugurated a. s series of 5-minute filmed tele- Riddleberger Named easts on “Your Government Assistant Secretary Associated Press President Eisenhower yester-

and You.” This was carried over the NBC and ABC tele

vision networks, and will be day picked James W. Riddle-' broadcast over the CBS tele berger, now Ambassador to , network Tuésda at Yugoslavia, to be Assistant Sec- —y retary of State in charge of 7:55 p. m. European affairs. ' Get Acquainted Offer “J am proud of the record

He succeeds Livingston T. he “TR LP: GB, a Be, git and I think you will be pro es 7 vin 3 a

ud Merchant who has been named $ pane 50 of it, too,” the President said,“ Riddleber to Canada. ale ; FOR

Riddleberger, a career diplo-' 1414 F St LW, BL 71-1932

The import of ores through Newport News has increased to five times what it was only two years ago. A new $8 million bulk cargo pier means that more of the cars which carry coal down to the sea will return loaded with imported ores for America’s industry.

poy hy

But “railroading on water” is not new to Chessie's raflroad. C&O's fleet of seven big, fast Trainferries carry trainloads of freight be- -tween Ludington, Michigan, and the Wiscon- sin ports of Milwaukee, Manitowoc and Ke- waunee. This year-round Trainferry service across Lake Michigan is a key link in the fast east-west freight service route.

< iS ee 7 gs. Cull te ee


Ae, A Sf Re Bee 4 DO 6 ERE Tle Be, One igs. Mh, Be HOGS aed J “>

oe At Toledo, C&O’s modern low-level piers handle more coal for moverient to Great Lakes ports than any other railroad. Also here, vital

iron ore is transferred from lake vessels to rail- road cars for inland destinations.

“From the Atlantic to the Great Lakes, pro- gressive things are happening all along the C&O. It is this spirit of enterprise guided by sound planning that keeps Chessie's railroad growing and going.

and urged his audience to’ mat, has been in foreign service listen to the talks that are to =, ng a 5 mee ore being named Am

follow oe mer Sador fo Yugoslavia, he served You wil} hear your Secre-

a : as director of the State Depart-

tary of State, Joh Foster ment’s Bureau of German Af Dulles, tell of the spirit that

impels us in achieving peace see's and the record we have made gz as a Nation in our united ef- forts for peace,” he said.

“You will-hear your Secre- tary of the Treasury, George Humphrey, tell how his depart- ment has checked galloping in- flation, cut taxes, balanced the budget and reduced the debt.

“You will hear your Secre- tary of Defense, Charies E. Wil- son, tell how we saved billions of dollars on the Armed Forces, reduced our manpower require-

e ments and still provided a more secure defense.

“You will hear your Secre tary of Labor, James Mitchell, tell how employment, wages and inceme have reached the highest levels in history,” the nl President declared.

Modern ships as big, as swift as many ocean liners speed freight, autemobues and passengers

via the Chessie Short-Cut between Michigan and Wisconsin.

a _ -<— ee

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Chesapeake and Ohio Railway




Life Raft Found

In Plane Search



Ethel Brown, 68, of 1277 10th st. nw., died Sunday night a week after she was struck by a car at the intersection of 7th and FP sts. nw. Drawing shows where accident oc- curred.

Reuters LONDON, Oct. 15—An emp- ty, partly inflated yellow life raft and two wheels today pro- vided clues to the fate of a United States Air Force C-118 Liftmaster, missing with 59


THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD . ‘Tuesday, October 16, 1956




Negro or whte, is scientifically


The signers of the statement, most of whom are members of the American Psychological As- ‘sociation, include Otto Kline-

“The available scientiffe evi-\ berg, Columbia University;

persons since last Wednesday.

which found the first piece of evidence when it fished out the

wheels, later today reported that no sign of life were seen on the raft, which bore United Stat-s markings.

The Navicella radioed search headquarters that she could not see any other wreckage in the vicinity.

The partly inflated raft was spotted bobbing in the ocean by a British Air Force Shackle- ton search plane about 8 miles from the spot where the tanker) discovered the wheels. The area is about 370 miles west southwest of Land’s End, Eng-

' The British tanker Navicella,)

Associated Press

Theodore M. Newcomb, Univer- sity of Michigan; seem oo.

phy, Menninger Foundation; [ferences among various rocial Navitt Sanford, Vassar CoWege; and national groups may be/Robin M. Williams Jr., Cornell adequately explained in terms) University; David Krech, Uni- of environmental differences) versity of California; Jerome . « « It seem clear, therefore’

ilison Davis, University of Chi- that fears based on the assymp-/..,. naniel Katz, University of

tion of innate racial differences Michigan. in intelligence are not well) Also Anne Anastasi, Fordham founded.” mag <n t oo Ww. ee oe - New Yor niversity; Isidor Statements Stand Chein, New York University; Such statements “still stand,” Marie Jahoda, New York Uni- said the social scientists yeter-| versity; Kenneth B. Clark, Col- day. lege of the City of New York; “We know of no new research Bingham Dai, Duke University which would reverse these con-'School of Medicine: iclusions,” they declared. Lorge, Teacher’s College, Co-

idence indicates that much, per- haps all, of the observable dif-

Bruner, Harvard University; Al-|


|Negro-White Achievement Differences Due to Opportunity, Scientists Declare


submitted a statement to the Supreme Court which included the following:

pacity for education, Negroes

as a group do not possess as much of it as whites as a group.” -

The four professors observed that contributing factors to test performances include previous experience, education,