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JPRS 76084 21 July 1980




ew Zealand Fishermen Call for Cuta in Foreign Quotas (Various scurces, various dates ) seep eeeeereeeeeee ee eee eee

Unfair Competition Charged Ban on Soviet Ships Demanded Russians Reject Complainta

Shkolnikxova Views Salmon Fiahing Arrangements Between USSR-Japan (NOVOYE VREMYA, 16 May 80) seeereeeeeeeeeeeereeeene eee eee eee

Libya Gives Aircraft To Protect EEZ (NATION, 25 Jun SPPPPTTTTTITTT TTT TTT ir TT TTT rir Ty

Briefs Alleged Moroccan Attack on Spanish Boat Spain's Protection for Fishing Fleet Angolan-Spanish Cooperation Italy-Somali Fishing Agreement UN Indo-Pacific Gommission Meeting Mauritius Claims Tromelin



Australian Longline Fishing Ban of Concern to Japanese (Verious sources, Various Gates)... ss cecceceeeeeeeeecunes

Australian Announcement Reaction in Japan New ‘Battle'Predicted, by Alan Goodall

e@« {III - Ww - 136)


NHK Reports on Proposed PRC-Japan Development of Senkakus (KYODO, 12 Jun 80) ee ee eee ee |

China To Discuss Continental Shelf Problem With Japan (KYODO, 24 May 80) ee ee ee ee ee ee |

Briefs Philippine Confirms Arrest of Taiwanese FOK-Japan Talks Deadlocked ROK-Japan Fishery Talks Indonesia, Papua New Guinea Pact Australia, PRC Talks Australian-Japanese Tuna Ban

AUSTRALIA Briefs Deep-Water Exploration Offshore Powers JAPAN

Briefs Centralized Deliberations Group


Policing 200-Mile Economic Zone Found Costly ( THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD, 11 Jun RO) eevee eeeeeeeee eee eee

Oilfield Off South Island's West Coast Seen Possible ( THE EVENING POST, 27 May err TT rr Trt ee

Illegal Fishing Damaging Navy's Underwater Test Gear (THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD, 17 Jun 80) *eeerpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Maritime Sectors Urge Creation of Admiralty Courts (Hector M. Saquin; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 3 May 80)..

Briefs Illegal Fishing, Official Connivance


Foreisn Ministry Drafts 200-Mile Offshore Zone (AFP, 26 May 80) ee et eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee er eer erm emcee hc eh








Beagle Channel Negotiations Continue


(Santiago Chile Domestic Service, 6-7 Jun 60) Report of Papal Decision Denied

Chilean Delegation Returns to Rome

Honduran Fishermen Kidnaped by Nicaragua



Proposed Uniform Fishing Law Provisions Reviewed

(AL-WAHDAH, 21 Apr 80) eee eee eee eee eee eee



Norway, Denmark Dispute Fishing Zone


(Various sources, 6-10 Jum 50) cessesececeeceseess

‘Clear Collision Course’, by Morten Fyhn War of Notes

Approves Jan Mayen Accord With Iceland (AFTENPOSTEN, various dates) ...seseceeesseees

Storting Approval Earlier Developments Norwegian Concessions Explained,by Arild Isegeg

see eeeeee





Unfair Competition Charged

Auckland THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD in English 29 May 80 p 10



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Ban on Soviet Ships Demanded

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immediate expulsion of all Soviet fishing vessels from the 200 mile eco-

[Text] Nelgon, Today (PA)--New Zealand fishermen called yesterday for an nomic zone,

Wellington THE EVENING POST in English 30 May 80 p 16

Hgsag? “ype fi rie Hii 9 ili

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- sii é i ! rapt ee AT ty oli pis ue ail ali iva! iy Ha = sine nil he hs iE

Russians Reject Complaints

Wellington THE EVENING POST in English 31 May 80 p 2

[Tex t 7

a withia New ‘s 200 miie

economic tone.

The NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen's conference Neisoo

in Afghanistan. others ac-



a. night the bw ishernies representative in Wellington, Mr Oleg V

Bakurin, im a statement

ating in the New Zealand economic rone

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(T. Shkolnixova artiole: "USSR-Japan;: aking Mutual Interests Into Account" |

(Text) The Soviet Union and Japsn have acoumilated considerable experiences of solving complex questions of international fishing. Many disagreements save arisen in sore than 20 years of cooperation, but tre two sides have invariably found common approaches to- ward resolving them in mutual interests.

The preservation of the world ocean's fish stocks has long been on the agenda of aany international forums and bilateral talks on fishing questions, It was also the focus of attention at the talks on Japanese salmon fishing in the northwest Pacifico in 1980,

Despite intensive fishing, the northwest Pacific still remains one of the most productive areas of the world ocean. It contains mackerel, Alaskan pollock, Suna, Pacific nackerel, pass, cod, amd plaice, But the area's chief resource is Salmon, orabs and herring. Fishing plays a considerable role in providing the population with high-oalorie food- stuffs in our country and Japan.

The revision of relations between the two countries on fishery questions associated with the establishment by the two states of national jurisdiction in 200-mile sea areas adjoining their coasts was lacgely completed as a result of the talxs held in 1977-1979. New bilateral agreements have been concluded which have created the preconditions for more multifaceted ties.

Scientists' recommendations have begum to play a greater role. The adoption of specific decisions during the talks was preceded by careful study of the proolem in a joint fishery commission. Soviet scientists confirmed the opinion thas she number of salmon in the northwest Pacific, especially Siberian and red salmon, is still low and that effective measures are needed to regulate fishing.

Like other so-called migratory fish, salmon have a river and sea development cycle.

At the age of 1-3 years they “descend” the rivers into the sea, only to return once again to the same rivers for spawning a few years later. The draft convention on she law of the sea lays down that the salmon's state of origin has a preferential right chrougntout their migration until they enter foreign states’ fishing zones. This

shesis is already reflected in USSR and Japanese legislation. So our country's interest

in preserving the marine stocks of the jiberian, humpback, red and King salmon that spawn in the rivers of the Soviet Far East ia understandable. This interes: prompted the Joviet side to put forward a scientifically substantiated proposal for a total

end to sea fishing for salmon. In specialists' opinion, it is easier in She rivers so demarcate the fish that need to be allowed upriver ‘to spawn and she fish that

oan be caught. It is also clear that it is easier on rivers to organise fisning for this species. another argument is also of considerable importance--only nature fisai, the so-called oreeders, travel to the spawning grounds. Therefore the satening of young fish, which happens quite often during sea flahing, ia completely ruled out.

Despite the fact Shat Jovdet fishermen carry out only coastal fishing in river estuaries, the USSR agreed to another round of talks regarding the procedure and conditions

for sea fishing for salmon by Japanese fishermen. The Soviet side did this ina

desire So contribute to strengthening Soviet-Japanese relasions. ‘Under tne terms of

the 1980 protocol, she total catch quota for Japanese fishermen remained at last year's level, totaling 42,500 tons.

In ite surn, Japan is reimbursing the Soviet Union for part of tne outlay on sreeding salmon under artificial conditions, which is carried out on a large scale in our

country. The amount of compensation was increased b7 comparison with last year.

Japanese firms will use these funds to supply various equipment for artificial fish breeding and the production of tne granular feed thatthe fish find it easy so assimilate.

The protocol on Japanese salmon fishing signed in Moscow also envisages measures *%o regulate the catch: Maximum amounts are established and the parameters of the fisning gear are laid down. A minimum distance (9-10) between one ship's nets in she water and the next ship's is also prescribed, which makes i* possible ‘So leave gaps shroug which the fish can travel to the spawning grounds. The fishing season is aiso strictly defined.

\ll shese measures, and others, are desiged to save shoals from overfishing. The observance of these rules will be supervised by special fishery monitoring agents. However, shis does not relieve the fishermen shenselves of respons:dility.

"Ie 48 easy to overfish a species such as salmon, so there is a tremendous responsibility to axploit the species correctly and rationally, use it thriftily, preserve it and increase its numbers for she sake of future gemerations,” /.M. Mamentsev, USSR minister of fish industry scressed. J

cso: 5200



{Text }

EYCHELLES capacity to cast a protective eye over its exclusive economic zone

(EEZ) was strengthened yester- day with the presentation oi two light aircraft by the Livyan Arab Jamahiriyah

Two Rallve aircraft were presented to the Mi-

nister of Defence, Mr. Ogilvy Berlouis, at Seychelles Inter- naional Airport yesterday morning by L.eutenant Colo- nel Yusseff A. Debri, Chief of Staff and Head of the Exter- nal Relations Bureau of the

Libyan Arab Jamahirivah,

The aircraft will join the re- cently acquired Maritime Defender in the surveillance of our EEZ and ensuring that our stocks of fish are not depleted through the cc- tion of roachers.

cso: 5200

Lieutenant Colonel DVebdri also presented M.nister Ber- louis a cheque for R. 638.760 (30.000 Libvan dinars) as a ait to the Seychelles Peoole's L:beration Army, to assist the SPLA in the field of ccm- m'nications.

Among those who were present at the presentation ceremonies were Mr. Taher Toumi, the Chargé d'Affaires in the Libvan Embassy and Major Mokhtar Abdelsalam from the Libvan Bureau of External Affairs.



ALLEGED MOROCCAN ATTACK ON SPANISH BOAT--Rabat--Following reports in Algiers regarding an alleged attack on a Spanish fishing vessel in the waters off Dakhla, authorized Moroccan sources have categorically refuted these allegations, explaining that no such incident took place in Moroccan territorial waters. The Moroccan sources believe that the whole matter

is a mere fabrication which has psychological dimensions; it has been invented at a time when the POLISARIO mercenaries are ina state of con- fusion and desperation in the wake of the drastic defeats they have suffered. [Text] [LD041109 Rabat MAP in Arabic 0°00 GMT 4 Jun 80]

SPAIN'S PROTECTION FOR FISHING FLEET--REUTER news agency reports that 300 Spanish fishing craft set sail yesterday from Canary Islands ports toward Saharan Democratic Arab Republic [SDAR] territorial waters after the government of Madrid guaranteed them the protection of the Spanish military fleet. Observers consider this Spanish position a provocaticna to the SDAR Government and the Spanish authorities will be responsible for the consequences of this provocation. As is known, the POLISARIO Front has repeatedly warned foreign fishermen against any violation of the sovereignty of Saharan territorial waters. In a communique issued in this connection the SDAR Information Ministry recalls the numerous warn- ings issued to all foreign fishing fleets and interests to refrain from fishing and from collaborating with the enemy in war zones. [Excerpts] [LD091316 Algiers Domestic Service in Arabic 1200 GMT 9 Jun 80]

ANGOLAN-SPANISH COOPERATION--The Spanish cransport and communications minister, Jose Luis Alvares [as heard], yesterday concluded a 24-hour visit to Angola. This visit enabled him to conclude a fisheries agree- ment which provides for the professional training of Angolan cadres by Spair and the establishment of a canning industry. The Spanish minis- ter was received in audience yesterday by President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, to whom he delivered a message from King Juan Carlos. [Luanda Domestic Service in French 1100 GMT 12 Jun CA]

ITALY=SOMALI FISHING AGREEMENT=-Rome, May 28 (ANSA)=-A joint Italo-Somali fishing program designed to give a big push to the African state's fish- ing industry is slated as one of the results of a cooperation agreement signed here Tuesday, The signatories at the Italian Poreign Ministry Building were Somali Agriculture and Fishing Minister Osman Jama Ali

and Italian Foreign Undersecretary Giuseppe Zamberletti. [Excerpt]

[Rome ANSA in English 0845 GMT 28 May 80 AU)

UN INDO=PACIFIC COMMISSION MEETING--Kyoto May 29 }’ODO--The discrepancy in approaches to fishery problems between industrialized and developing countries became evident during an eight-day meeting of the Indo-Pacific Fisheries Commission of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization which ended in Kyoto Thursday. Delegates discussed development of small-scale fisheries in 4 symposium and then governmental consultations were conducted on conservation of tuna resources, breeding and fishery in inland waters. During the meetings, industrial countries stressed fisheries should be considered as one of the world food problems, whereas developing nations placed priority on freedom from poverty and unemployment. The next IPFC session will be held in Jakarta in 1982. [Text] [0W290849 Tokyo KYODO in English 0841 GMT 29 May 80)

MAURITIUS CLAIMS TROMELIN--Mauritius has decided to officially proclaia ite sovereignty over the island of Tromelin. Following a cabinet session, Suresh Moorba, minister of information, confirmed his government's inten- tion to include the island on the list of its dependencies. (In addition to France ...] the Republic of Madagascar also lays claim to the island. However, Paul Bevenger, leader of the Mauritian opposition, recently declared that Malagasy President Didier Ratsiraka had given hia assurances that he was ready to relinquish tie claim. On the other hand, Matsiraka still plans to have Malagasy sovereignty over the islands of Europa,

Juan de Nova and les Glor.euses, also claimed by the French, recognized. The dispute say eventually be brought before The Hague. (Excerpts) (Paris LE MONDE in French 25 Jun 80 p 6)

CSO: 5200



Australian Announcement

Melbourne THE AGE in English 6 Jun 60 p 5


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Reaction in Japan Perth THE WEST AUSTRALIAN in English 11 Jun 80 p #8 gow nee


(Text) | |

Spano Sige


New ‘Battle’ Predicted

Canberra THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN in English 14-15 Jun 80, Supp., p 19

[Article by Alan Goodall: "Battle of the Marlin Sea”)




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(Text) Tokyo, June 12 KYODO ~~ Qidnese authorities have proposed So Japan joint development of offshore of] and natural gas resources in the Jenxaxus waters, southwest of Okinawa,

the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (Hi) reported Thursday. Quoting government sources,

WHK said that the Qidnese authorities sade the proposal mien Yoshitake Sasaxi, sinister

of international trade and industry, visited Beijing recently. The Qidnese authorities were quoted by the sources a8 having taken close note of reports that Prime “Minister Masayoshi Ohire recently exoressed interest in joint development of of] and gas resources in the Senkaku islands area with China, at the Diet-- Japanese parliament, sccording to

the broadcast,

Akihixo Mayashi, director of the North Asia Division, the Ministry of International Trade

and Industry, told KYODO MEWS SERVICE that the Chinese authorities sade no Joint develop- ment proposal at their meeting with Sasaki. Hayashi indicated that the ‘erritorial problens still stood in the way of joint development of of] and gas resources in the area, Japan,

China and Taiwan claim sovereignty over the Senkaku islands. ‘The /.. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific ESCA?) presumed as 4 result of 4 survey that the ares

has much larger oilfields than in the Japan-South Korea continental shelf o11 development «area,

Truma Resources Company, a Tokyo-based development company in the Sanwa group which obteined exploration rights in the area from the MITI in 1973, is reportedly preparing to sake active approaches to china for joint exploration and development, However, an Jruma spoxes- man derided she report. He said the matter should be handled by the two governments adding, "that ds none of our tusiness,”

CSO: 5200




(Text) Tokyo May 24 KYODOe#An expertelevel seeting ls expected to be held between Japan and Shine on the continental eneif in the fast Chine dea in June, the earliest, a6 Chine nas agreed to hold talks on the matter, 4 top Poreign Ministry official said Friday nignt.

The official said Xiao Kianggoam, deputy director of tne Chinese Poreign Ministry's Asian Affairs Department, indicated 4 flexible stand on the Japanese proposal for holding of consultations on the continental shelf Lesue when he set with officials of tne Japanese imbasey in Beijing on May 7 to lodge 4 protest against the start of tett drilling in the continental shelf by Japan and South Korea on May 6 under tne 1974 JapaneSouth Mores agrece sent on development of the continental shelf, He said Gao revealed only that China will discuss the satter of continental shelf in the East China Sea and 414 not reveal mat matters will be taken up.

China is taking the stand that it nas sovereign rights to the continental senelf in the

fast China Sea and that the joint drilling for underses of] started by Japan and South Korea in the area iqored China's sovereignty. Japan, however, 12 saintaining that the Japane South Korea joint development of the area is lawful from the standpoint of the international law of the sea,

Poreign Ministry sources said the soming discussions with China are expected t take up

sueh Lasues a8 the JapaneSouth Korea continental snelf development probiem, sarking of the continental shelf between Japan and China and she problem of continental shelf around the disputed Senkaku Islands south of Gitinawa, Since Chins and Japan differ in views on the continental shelf issue and since the problem of terpitorial water 1# involved in respect to the area around the Senkaku [slands, they expect the coming talxs co continue for 4

long period of time, The sources said Japan is hoying to seek the anderstanding of Chins on the JapaneSouth Korea Joint development oroject anc explain its basic view on she continental shelf probie,

CSO: 5200




PHILIPPINE CONFIRMS ARREST OF TAIWANESE--Manila, June 14 (AFP)--The Philippine Navy arrested last week 37 Taiwanese fishermen who were caught poaching on Philippine fishing grounds in northern Philippines. Press reports today said Rear Admiral Ernesto Ogbinar made the announce- ment of the Taiwanese arrests following the protest made by the Taiwan Fishermen's Association about alleged harassment committed by a Philip- pine Navy patrol against their members. Mr Ogbinar indicated that the arrested fishermen were on board eight boats when they were caught by

4 naval patrol off Batanes Island, some 656 kilometers (410 miles) north of Manila, reports said. He said they were brought to the Coast Guard headquarters in Aparri Cagayan by a navy task force on board the RPS Lakandula. Through its provincial Department of Information, reports said the Taiwanese Government is trying to negotiate for the release of the 37 fishermen. [Text] [0W140935 Hong Kong AFP in English 0847 GMT 14 Jun 80]

R0F='APAN TALKS DEADLOCKED--Seoul, June 2 (HAPTONG)--The second Korea- Japan working-level talks to settle the disputes over Korean fishing operations off Hokkaido ended in failure after three days of negotiation at the Foreign Ministry here Saturday. Ministry officials said both sides decided to continue efforts to find a compromise solution to the dispute. Kunio Muraoka, charge d'affaires of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, represented the Tokyo government at the Seoul meeting. The Korean side was represented by Kim Tae-chi, director of the Asian Affairs

Bureau of the Foreign Ministry. Japan called for a voluntary regulation in the fishing operations with a drastic cut in its pollack catch by avoiding the spawning season in the area whereas the Korean side rejected the Japanese demand as unacceptable in the light of the bilateral fishery agreement of 1965. [Text] [SKO020110 Seoul HAPTONG in English 0104 GMT

2 Jun 80)

ROK-JAPAN FISHERY TALKS--Seoul May 29 KYODO--Japanese and South Korean officials opened talks here Thursday on fishing of Alaska pollack by South Koreans in waters of Hokkaido, northern Japan. At the two-day negotiations, Kunio Muraoka, acting Japanese ambassador to Seoul, sought a ban on fishing by South Koreans in the area, while South Korea

contended that they have a right under a 1965 fishery agreement to fish freely there outside che l2-mile territorial waters. Kim Tae-chi, Asian Bureau director of the South Korean Foreign Ministry, said the Japanese demand is incompatible with the agreement. ‘fim said Japanese fishermen catch more than 200,000 tons of fish annually around the island of Cheju, dealing a big blow to South Korean fishermen. If Japan imposes rest: iccions on South Korean fishing near Hokkaido,

South Korea would retaliate by taking similar measures against Japanese fishing in waters near South Korea, Kim added. The South Koreans catch 100,000 tons of Alaska pollack annually near Hokkaido, or about 40 per- cent of the total consumption of the popular fish in South Korea. [Text] [OW290633 Tokyo KYODO in English 1619 GMT 29 May 80)

INDONESIA, PAPUA NEW GUINEA PACT--Jakarta, Friday.--Indonesia has reached a tentative agreement with Papua New Guinea on the delineation of territorial waters. A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said a text of the agreement was signed this week by representatives of the two countries meeting in Fort Mores- by. The agreement delineates the continental shelf and exclusive economic zones for both countries in the Pacific Ocean north of Irian Jaya and Papua. [Text] [Sydney THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD in English 7 Jun 80 p 15]

AUSTRALIA, PRC TALKS--Darwin: A Chinese fisheries delegation from China has just concluded talks in Darwin with officials with a view to greater coopera- tion in fishing development between China and Australia. [Sentence as pub- lished] The visit by the six-man delegation follwed a brief visit to the Northern Territory last month by a Chinese Vice Premier. The head of the mission said in Darwin that the talks would add to the deve.opment of joint ventures involving the two nations. [Text] [Perth THE WEST AUSTRALIAN in English 7 Jun 80 p 43]

AUSTRALIAN-JAPANESE TUNA BAN--Sydney, June 5, KYODU--Australia has decided to ban Japanese tuna longline fishing off Cairns in northeast Queensland, Australia, effective November 1, it was announced Thursday. Australian Primary Industry Minister Peter Nixon, who made the announcement, said the banned area covers 48,000 square miles and runs parallel to the coast about 140 miles out to sea from just north of Townsville to near the top of Cape York Peninsula, It extends an average of 110 miles beyond the outer edge of the great barrier reef, The new ban will go into effect immediately after the existing Australia-Japan tuna longline fishing agreement expires October 31. [Text] [0W051233 Tokyo KYODO in English 1031 GMT 5 Jun 80)

CSO: 5200


DEEP-WATER EXPLORATION--The expensive deep-water oil search on the Exmouth Plateau appears to have been redirected, with natural gas now a target rather than being dismissed as non-commercial in any quantity. Evidence of the switch can be seen in the move of Esso-BHP's deep-water drillships into near-shore tar- gete rather than the early targets several hundred kilometres off-shore. The reason is sharpt increases in world gas prices. A further factor could be a very encouraging engineering report on the possible production of gas froma near-c ore but deep-water prospect due to be drilled later this year. The current Esso-BHP well, Zeepard, is located about 60km off-shore. While existing technology presents blems in developing deep-water gas fields,

it is understood that Esso-BHP's drilling programme has discovered immense

gas reserves. The joint venture partners have never released detailed re- sults of the discoveries--generally dismissing the gas finds as uneconomic. However, industry analysts have calculated that the gas strikes reported, combined with the sige of the structure being drilled by Esso-BHP, point to sptentialiy giant gas fields. [Excerpts] [Perth THE WEST AUSTRALIAN in English 21 Jun P

OFFSHORE POWERS--The off-shore legislation package which returns to the States Clear powers to legislate in the area of the territorial sea has now been given Royal assent. The Commonwealth Attorney-General, Senator Durack said during the weekend that the Commonwealth Government regarded this legislation as historic. The legislation would take effect from a date to be proclaimed. [Excerpts] [Perth THE WEST AUSTRALIAN in English 2 Jun 80 p 5]

G0: 5200




CENTRALIZED DELIBERATIONS GROUP--Tokyo 19 Jun--The government Thursday decided to centralize deliberations on the Law of the Sea, exploitation of underground water and releasing of classified information. According to the decision, a liaison council composed of bureau chiefs of govern- ment agencies and headed by a deputy chief cabinet secretary will be established to handle matters pertaining to the Law of the Sea. The cabinet councillors’ office will take charge of such matters as bills concerning the Law of the Sea. A study group will be set up to discuss the proposed law on the release of classified information. [Text]

[Tokyo KYODO in English 0454 GMT 19 Jun 80 OW]

CSO: 5200




Auckland THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD in English 11 Jun 80 p 5


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Wellington THE EVENING POST in English 27 May 80 p 40


THE seabed off the South Island's West Coast may never been considered tor but it is sow cover ap antapped oilfield. “so it seemed a good idea to it out,” said Mr The research ship Tangaroe has just returned from Bennett.

a of the area and the leader of the cruise, Dr He said the expedition was ‘moderately success{ul” Dave (from the DSIR's geophysics division) as, al company mast Gott fer 68 0 Ge cortels. | ieee areata paresis ae a great enough thickness of sedimentary Although the area has a deep sedimentary base The actual area AB, reconnaissance ee ee ee ee eee en survey” w was the south st side of Chaleager Plate es ety yt as the water which merges ip oo the Lord Bowe

is 1000 metres to 2000 metres deep. The vessel left ~ 2 na de for a Until a few years ago an area of this depih had _—— iological AA ermadec Ridge.

CSO: 5200



Auckland THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD in English 17 Jun 80 p 1

[Report by HERALD marine reporter/

tt "7



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[Text] Several sectors of the local maritime industry are seeking the establishment of an admiralty court to try cases involving sea disasters,

The move for the establishment of the specialized court was initiated by three maritime groups during a meeting last week.

They also made an assessment of existing practices and procedures in the training and qualification of maritime personnel,

However, the maritime groups did not propose any changes or amendments to the Philippine Merchant Marine Rules and Regulations which was published by the Philipine Coast Guard in 1976,

During the meeting the United Harbor Pilots Association (UHPAP), the Philippine Interisland Shipping Association and the Conference of Inter- island Shipowners and Operators also called for:

--Improving the qualifying standards for merchant marine officers, includ- ing harbor and coastal pilots.

--Stricter control of the issuance of tickets,

--Upgrading the integrity of the ship manifests to include non-revenue passengers and crew members,

Many ideas were discussed in meetings, but in light of the current energy crunch and the spiralling costs of base metals, double bottoms for passen- ger ships were not even mentioned in the dialogues attended by Col. Generoso F, Tanseco, administrator of the Maritime Industry Authority and Commodore Simeon M, Alejandro, commandant of the Philippine Coast Guard,

Despite ship accidents, Tanseco said that shipping remains viable as an industry. te told members of 21 harbor pilot associations under Capt, Petronio 5, Nuerte, UMPAP president, that Filipino shipowners have increased substantially their investments from 61 ocean-going vessels in 1975, to 120 ships in 1979,

"This imerease in tonnage resulted, in turn, to the dramatic increase of participation of "wate. vessels in the carriage of foreign trade, from 7.8 percent in 1975 to 15 percent in 1979," Tanseco revealed,

Wimeelf « shipowner, Tanseoo appeared like 4 father to many pilots who admitted having been given their first jobs as apprentice mates by the colonel,

The rapport with Commodore Alejandro was also close ae the pilots revealed that, 48 4 group they expected the Coast Guard to be the agency most capable for improving the qualifying standards for mercheni marine officers.

Capt. Muerto said that the POG examinations given for harbor and coastal pilote have not been tainted by any report of anomly, “thus giving their profession 4 very high degree of credibility.”

Any move therefore to transfer the function of giving harbor pilots examinations from the Coast Guard will be opposed by us, UHPAP members said,

The joint meeting of PISA and CISO wembers were cailed by Jesus Perez Cardenas, PISA president, and Navy Capt Victorino C. Basco, CISO chairmn.


ILLEGAL FISHING, OFFICIAL CONNIVANCE--Maniia, 30 May--Prilippine Defense Minister Juan Ponee Bariie relieved today the entire constabuiariy (national guard) and coast guard unit assigned to Lamac, Batan Province “6 ions (30 miles) west of Manila, for their alleged connivance with Lilegsi fishermen. Mintseter Enrile iesued the relief order during 4 Seeting with Clehermen and icocal offieiais from Bataan whe complained against the illegal use of dynamite and poisons by bigtime fishermen. The fishermen said the constabulary and coast guard authorities in the area were in connivance with iilegal fisnermen. The defense onief ordered tne Silitary te intensify he drive againg* illegal fishing whieh he said is now rampant 411 over ‘the country. He said ‘hat from i972 to 1977 illegal fisning was hardly reported but since 1978 complaints have again flooded law en- forcement agencies. Pishermen blamed unscrupulous bigtime fishermen for fisn shortages in various areas, tc the detriment of email fishermen. [Hong Kong AFP Engiish 0930 GT

30 May 30 OW)

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BK261520 Hong Kong AFP in English 1309 OMT 26 May 480

(Text) Bangkok, 26 May (APP)~-A Thai Poreign Ministry committee has finalised the draft of a poyal proclamation declaring Thailand's 200mile offshore economic sone, official securces reported today. The sources said the draft, finalised by the committee last Priday, would soon be submitted te the cabinet for approval and later issued as a royal proc iamat ion,

Poliewing Malaysia's declaration on April 26, Thailand will be she last Southeast Asian state to deciare a 2004ille economic fone,

The sources noted that it was a move aimed at protecting the country's natural resources and Thailand's declaration states its willingness tc settle disputes with neighbouring states through negotiations. The sone is expected te cover about 29,900 squsre miles of territery in the Andaman Sea and the Sulf of Thailand which flank Thailand's east and west coasts,

Agreements are yet to be reached with ‘ietnam and Cambodia which alse claim areas in She gulf out tentative agreements have been reached with Indcnesia india and Burma informed sources noted. Since the declaration of such a tone requires reciprocal respect of similar scones declared by neighbouring states, the Thai fishing industry if expected ‘o pe aost affected,

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PYOTL719 Santiago Chile Domestic Service in Spanish 1100 guT 7 Jun 30

(Excerpt) Foreign Relations Under Secretary Ernesto Videla has stated that publications regarding the results of the pope's mediation carried in the Milan newspaper GIOCRNALE WUOVO are absolutely groundless,

According $o the publication, Pope John Paul [I would establish the delintation of the Atlantic ond Pacific ocean at the 66th Meridian, a few alles east of ‘eva Island, the publication also points out that the pope would recognize the Chilean rights over the Beagle channel established in a muling by the British jJovernnent,

In Santiago, Videla dismissed the information and stated that negotiations are carried out in secret,

Chilean Delegation Returns to Rome

py061428 Santiago Chile Domestic Service in Spanish 1100 omT 6 Jun 30

Excerpts) YPoreign Ministry Under Secretary Ernesto Videla has stated that the new round of foint negotiations which will start on Monday should be carried cut in an atmosphere of optimism which is the characteristic of any negotiations which seek peace,

Videla will travel to Rome today at the head of the Chilean delegation, which is comprised of (Santiago Benadada), Francisco Orrego, Helmut Brumer, (Patricio Prieto) and advisers Patricio Poto and (Osvaldo Munoz), The delegation will seet in Rome with the permanent delegation to the mediation, which is headed by Enrique Bernstein,

Videla pointed out that this new phase of the negotiations that are being conducted by the pope's representative, Cardinal Samore, will be devoted to analyzing the aost iaportant

points which were previously identified,

Videla stated that the Chilean delegation, as on previous cccasions, is traveling vith great optimism and that this optimism is endorsed by the conficence that the Chilean

joverrment and nation have in the mediator,

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HONDURAN FISHERMEN KIDNAPED BY NICARAGUA--Two Honduran fishermen were kidnaped by a Nicaraguan Patrol boat, which violating our national sovereignty, entered into Honduran territorial waters at a place called Guapirol in Choluteca Department. Meanwhile, the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry announced yesterday that the Sandinist government will formally ask the Honduran Government, through the Honduran Foreign Ministry, to dismantle all camps occupied by former Somozist guardemen in our country. [Excerpts] [PA281739 Tegucigalpa Radio America in Spanish 1700 GMT

27 May 80)

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[Article: “Uniform Pishing Law in the Gulf States and the Arab Peninsula: “Regulating Fishing with a License from the Competent Authorities; Banning the Use of Substances Harmful to the Growth and Reproduction of Fish")

[Text] Dubai, MNA=--The committee to draft the planned uniform fishing Law in the Gulf and Arab Peninsula states will debate the project prepared for this purpose by experts in the area of international nutrition and agri-