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White House Opposed to Retirement

Bill Costs

Senate Is Expected To Cut $466 Million

Measure and Get Final Vote Today

By Jerry Kluttz Stat Reporter The Johnston Retirement bill ran into determined op- position from the Adminis-

tration on the Senate floor!

yesterday and a final vote on it was delayed.

Amendments will be offered to sharply reduce the estimated $466 million annual “level cost” of the major Federal employe reform.

Sen, Olin D. Jonnston (D-

S. C.), the bill’s author, and

other supporters of his bill ap-

pear confident that the Senate will approve the measure with- out important changes. They hope to get a final vote on it today.

The Administration opposes the bill because of its addi- tional cost to the Government and also because it fails to co- Ordinate the Civil Service Re- tirement system with Social Security. Nevertheless, it ap- peared for a time that Admin- istration supporters in the Sen- ate would not wage an all-out fight against the measure.

However, Senate Majority Leader William Knowland of California announced early yesterday after a legislative conference at the White House that the Johnston bill was “un- acceptable” and that the Ad-

ministration would attempt to)

make “major changes” in it in the Senate and to continue the fight on it in the House. Knowland said the Adminis- tration would attempt to hold down the over-all cost of the measure to about $245 million & year, or roughly half of the estimated cost of the Johnston bill. Later, strategy to oppose the measure was outlined at a Senate-GOP policy luncheon. The Federal employes would

Pawnbroker Sold ’Em

‘Dolly’ Keleher Loses


Senate Votes Foreign Aid Approval of Request Cut ..Farm Bill ($1.1 Billion

House Expected Wilson Deplores To Act Today; Action by House Compromise Plan Group; President

Keeps Soil Bank Is Disturbed

Associated Press By Marguerite Higgins

The Senate late yester- N. ¥. Herald Tribune News Service day passed the second-round; The House Foreign Affairs farm bill by voice vote and Committee yesterday slashed ‘sent it to the House, which $1 billion in military aid and is expected to act on it to- $100 million in economic aid day from -President Eisenhow-

The big bill, on which Senate- er’s $4.9 billion foreign as- House ae as ne parse agree’ sistance program which he| caine ae is talten Oden ween has described as “vital to na-) ‘soil bank plan asked by Presi-| tional security.” | dent Eirenhower. | The White House was re-| | Jt omits most of the rigid|ported very disturbed by the|

| Anna T. (Dolly) Keleher was* ‘turned down yesterday in her effort to collect $100,000 as balm for a pair of bracelets sold at auction by a Silver Spring | pawnbroker.

The divorced wife of John B.| #4

(Blackjack) Keleher wept on! & the stand in Prince Georges! ; Circuit Court as she related! /how broker Maurice Weinberg, | 8235 Georgia ave., refused to. |“bear with me” when she failed ito repay her loan on gems she | valued at $40,000. | | Weinberg claimed he made) ‘no agreement with Mrs. Kele- her and said she had failed to pay on her note for “month after month after month” until he finally sold the bracelets.

When the jewels were sold) in 1950, he added, they netted) him only $12,850.

During the four-hour trial before Circuit Judge John Ray-' mond Fletcher, Mrs. Keleher|

Suit Over Lost


Staff Photo

~ Senators Move Into Wrangle At Defense

Legislation to Fix Roles of Services Indicated: Wilson

Says Ike’s Unhappy

| By John G. Norris

| The Senate Air Power Investigating Subcommittee moved into the Pentagon in- ter-service squabble yester- day, bent on settling the basic differences underlying the dispute.

This action looking toward possible legislative changes in

the roles and missions of the armed forces came as Presi-

produced eight pawn tickets in-| dicating that Weinberg had| loaned har $12,450 on the brace- lets and $4600 on a ring and silverware, Weinberg said she'| still owes the $4600 plus $4475 interest on it.

DOLLY KELEHER ». + Sues to recover jewels

| phone to interest people in buy-|

'price-supporting provisions to action, A typical Administra- which the Administration vio- “on response came from Secre- ently objected and which tary of Defense Charles Wilson, lc.used Mr. Eisenhower to veto| Who said that “to cut military

By Prank Hoy. Staff! Photographer

Turning Over an Old Leaf

the ffrst bill April 16.

The Senate acted on the con- ference bill with less than an

aid to our allies by one-third would be just as disastrous as to cut a third of our funds for

Carolyn Bartlett, an illustrator for the Geological Survey, shows the two sides of an ailanthus leaf which is believed

jterday by Montgomery County

= me Glamonds. hours debat our own defense.” He made the | the items in 1947 and 1948 while| During the trial Judge Fletch. 20Urs Gcbate. \statement after testifying be-| involved in litigation. At that €™ commented that he could; Chairman Allen J. Ellender fore the Senate Foreign Rela-| time she was involved in law-|"0t accept Mrs. Keleher’s valu- (D-La.) o: the Agriculture Com-| tign Committee. | suits with her husband. a for- ation on the diamonds. At the mittee won unanimous consent! farlier, before hearing of the’ mer big-time Washington gam-|trial’s end he declared: “Not/for the Senate to take uo the 'sjash Secretary of State John’ bler. Weinberg’s pawn shop was >Y the wildest stretch of the measure. ‘Foster Dulles said the Admin- then located at 3225 Rhode Is-|!Magination can this court be-| Ellender radiated confidence istration would make a néw land ave. lieve that any contract that'that the bill would be accepted| effort to obtain approval of its

She claimed Weinberg had| Would indefinitely postpone re-|phy Mr. Eisenhower. |plan for making long-term for-| not permitted her to “show” the| demption of the security. Was; acreg ig anything in the new eign aid commitments when) jewels for sale, but Weinberg 8'Ve" - - - Ibill might invite a veto, Elien-| this feature of the program, al-| claimed she made several un-| Mrs. Keleher, who is in her\der exclaimed: “No, great God, | ready rejected by the House) successful attempts by tele-i50s, now lives in Miami. no!” |Committee, comes before the

Another member of the Com-}

rete, Rep. ted: “|S. C) of the House Commit. oA tee said the cuts had nothing It’s not what anybody wants, | to do with recent Soviet smiles therefore it must be a pretty! but primarily reflected the fact good bili. 4.2 that there remained huge un- Its major provision.-is the’! spent military and economic aid soil bank program to give farm-|funds left over from previous ers up to $1.2 billion a year in appropriations. These amount Government benefits for with-' to $5.2 billion in military aid drawing land from production | and $1.8 billion in economic aid. of crops already in surplus. Chairman Richards said the) Eliender said the biggest|Committee which voted the cut By Harrison Hagemeyer trade in the conference was the Dy @ count of 18 to 11 was mo- Staff Revorter Senate’s agreement to drop its| tivated by a of slow)

A record $45.7 million budget ;$1.2 million be sliced from the|Provision chat the soil benk Progress in ‘“serman rearma-

, : * ae meed not be put in operation|ment, French apathy in de-|

to be financed without a tax in-| Board of Education’s request) vis year in return for House ac-|fense,” as well as “French di-

ew »s-|for $17.8 million for operating + Ssoene “wig SEUTEREES yee moll nn for 1956-57. Mie alan, ceptance of generally lower version of NATO forces” to

Mrs. Keleher said she pawned

nate. Chairman James P. Richards

Record Budget Proposed For Montgomery County

(Related Story on Page 21)


price supports for feed grains.| French North Africa to fight

to be 45 million years old. The fossilized remains of the leaf were found in the Bear Paw Mountain region of Mon- tana by Roland W. Brown, a Geological Survey scientist.


dent Eisenhower was reported “a bit unhappy” over the row.

Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson told reporters of the President's attitude after a White House visit. He also warned that any further pub- lic quarreling would bring an official crackdown.

Just the day before, Wilson

—|attempted to clamp the lid on

further inter-service dissension

On Red Army Cut |by an extraordinary news con-

Dulles Shows Irritation At Stassen’s Optimism

By Chalmers M. Robérts

Stef! Reporter

iference in which the Pentagun high command gave'a demon- Stration of unity by disavowing |partisan documents “leaked’ |by subordinates.

| The Defense chief seemed to _be trying to head off a threat. ‘ened congressional investiga- tion. But yesterday, Chairman |Dennis Chavez (D-N. Mex.) of | the Senate Military Appropria-

Secretary of State John: Foster Dulles yesterday showed irritation at Harold E. Stassen’s more optimistic view on Mos- cow's announced plan to trim its armed forces by 1.2 million men,

Newsmen left Dulles’ press conference somewhat mystified as to the Secretary’s attitude. But it appeared later on that his difference with Stassen—| the first important one to come to light in more than three years of their close relation- ship—sprang from different

‘Uons Subcommittee announ more emphasis on modern’ he wil] summon the “high vem weapons and less on manpower. of a1) three seeviees in hae 4 He added that the Russians may 4.4 them why og = e an have intended “to set in motion bicharta oo . ey are a movement toward reduction . ns: ; of armaments in the Western) ©@irman Stuart Symington countries.” (D-Mo.).of a special Senate Dulles went out of his way to Armed Services Subcommittee say three times yesterday that ‘®V@SsUgating the status of Soviet Communist Party boss|\ American air power went Nikita Khrushchev had not told further."He called a news con- Stassen at their April 24 Lon-/|ference—his first since the air don meeting the Russians would power hearings began—and cut their forces. Dulles said he said the Subcommittee “is had phoned Stassen in St. Paul going to find it necessary to Monday to check that again and make recommendations with Stassen told him “their conclu-' respect to the roles and mis-

Manager Melvin L. Reese.

| The budget, to finance coun- ty operations and provide capi-, tal improvements during the) year starting July 1, came under fire immediately from ‘school officials who said educa-| tion fund cuts made by Reese would “cripple” the school isystem. | The Reese budget, while! totaling $3.1 million more than)

cut $3.1 million from the school board’s proposed $11.2 million school construction budget. School cuts recommended last year by Reese were fought strenuously by parents and educators. The cuts were later restored by the County Coun- cil—but at the cost of a W-cent increase in the tax rate. _ The reduction recommended this year by Reese in the schuol operating budget request is

As for the soil bank, the’the Arab nationalists. |House had voted to require Sec-/ The motion for the $1-billion retary of |Benson to start it ‘year; the Senate : that he should do so to the ex- lican, tent practicable. | Although the

operating this a Republican, Rep. James G. had said only Fulton (Pa.). Rep. John M. Vorys lan--a maximum of $500 million but guage, accepted by the con-|quickly lost out. In fact, the fereees, directs Benson to start|Committee, which acted in the program this year, it is not) closed session, was at one point expected to get into full swing|on the verge of voting ‘a mili- because muchitary cut of $1.2 billion, its


Agriculture Ezra T.)cut in military aid came from) Another Repub-|

'(Ohio), tried to hold the cut to:

ways of looking at the Russian


Dulles is known to have been alarmed that the Soviet man- power cut might undermine the position of West German Chan- cellor Konrad Adenauer, trying to win parliamentary approval of measures to build the new German forces. Dulles ap-

parently felt he could not take

an optimistic view of the So-| viet move without making more |

sions were from deductions and not disclosures.”

Dulles only repeated the de- ductions, not disclosures, point when asked how that squared with Khrushchev’s statement in Moscow last Friday that he had told Stassen “all about it in London.” Stassen told news- men last week the first word of the “possibility” of a Soviet cut had come in his talk with Khrushchev.

Inquiries elsewhere showed

sions of the services.”

This would open for publie debate the underlying differ- ences between the _ services, These include: an Air Force- Navy dispute over strategie bombing of enemy territory, and division of funds for the purpose between land - based bombers and big aircraft car- riers; an Army-Air Force quarre! over which service shall operate guided missiles both in

. the current budget, calls for no| , . | be expected to contriWfte $90 . largely contained in the Until next year, difficult Adenauer’s task of ob-|

million a year to the bill’s cost under either the Johnston or Republican plans by raising their retirement deductions from 6 to 7 per cent of basic salaries as of next Jan, 1.

But if the proposed new benefits in the Johnston bill are cut back materially, em- ploye leaders are ready to with- draw their support of the bill. particularly if the 7 per cent employe contribution plan re- mains unchanged. The bill will be dead for this year if the em- ployes refuse to support it.

Besides Knowland, Sens Frank Carlson (R-Kams.) and John Williams (D-Del.) are ex- pected to offer amendments to reduce both cost and employe

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. | bringing it to 11 cents.

change in the present $2.03) basic tax rate. It provides $30.7 million for operations and $15 million for new construction. The county manager's recom- mendations included: ®A cut of $4.3 million in the Board of Education’s request for $29.1 million for operations and new construction. | © A four percent salary in- crease for teachers and other county employes, except police, for whom a new salary scale is currently being worked out. | © Addition of 40 new police- ‘men, four new desk clerks and ight crossing guards, bringing |

of the Nation’s crops have al-'chairman revealed.

rs tem Le ggene aang —. ready been planted, Richards said the military recommended 272 new teachers| _Ellender and Rep. Harold D.\slash was aimed mainly at Eu- rather than the 299 proposed Cooley (D-N. C.), chairman of rope. An amendment accepted by the school board. He also the House Agriculture Commit.’ by the Committee provided that. proposed a 4 per cent increase tee, reported the compromise a ceiling of $400 million be put in teacher salaries. rather than 0" feed grains would insure on aid to Europe as compared the new, higher pay scale rec- SUPpoOrts of at least 76 per cent with $760 million previously set ommended by the educators. of parity this year for oats, rye, by the bill.

Projects which the County barley and sorghums, without But the Foreign Affairs chair- Manager recommended be any planting or marketing re-|man, who personally backed dropped from the school/Strictions. _|the huge cut, maintained that board’s capital improvement! The feed grain agreements this move would not “jeopar- budget included: an addition to|\ would eliminate another fea-|dize” the United States mili- Bethesda-Chevy Chase High;|ture of the House bill that was tary program “in Europe or an addition to Kensington Jun-/objectionable to the Adminis- anywhere else” because there ior High, amounts requested tration—tying feed grains t0\is “plenty of aid provided to el for site acquisition in the east--commercial corn for support| keep the program going two to the total strength of the police|err suburban area: an addition purposes and fixing the sup- three years.” force to 326. ‘to Carver Junior-Senior High;|port level 5 percentage points’ The Administration takes | @A five cent increase in the and the Seven Locks Elemen-| below that for commercial corn. strong issue with this point as amount of the basic tax rate |tary Schooi. | While the compromise bill'was made plain by a spokes- which is set aside for “pay as| Reese also reduced alljconforms much closer to Ad- man in the International Co- you go” capital improvements,'/amounts listed for secondary|Ministration policy than any operation Administration. He ‘school projects by 8 per cent/farm legislation which has come pointed out that it took two to.

®*A one cent reduction in|and elementary projects by 7/out of Congress this year, three years between the place-| the present 11 cent Suburban’ per cent. ‘Eisenhower didn’t get the au-\ment of military orders and District tax, used to: finance; In all, Reese sliced $6.6 mil-|thority he asked to pay farm-/their delivery and the “lack of municipal services in the me-'lion from the budget requestsjers this year for land they money in the bank now—which tropolitan areas, but a one cent/he received from the school | promise to withdraw from cul. is a prerequisite to placing the) increase in the recreation tax.|board and from county depart-|tivation and place in the s0il orders—will put a crimp in our|

Reese recommended that ment heads. bank next year. ‘ability to fulfill commitments’ for 1958 and 1959.” |

The total military aid quested by the Administratio was $3 billion.




| re-|

‘This Is Nixon’

; : ; '

taining approval for the 12 West German divisions to be included in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Stassen, on the other hand, is charged with trying to get an East-West agreement to cut armaments and he contended that the Moscow move indi- cated a Soviet wish “to continue serious negotiations.”

Neither Dulles nor Stassen has publicly criticized the other's remarks. But yesterday Dulles refused to comment on Stassen’s statement of last Fri-| day that the Russian announce- ment was one “in the direction we wanted to see them move.” And last Friday Stassen had refused to comment on Dulles’ earlier statement that he would

‘rather have the Soviet soldiers

standing around doing guard duty than making atomic bombs.

Dulles yesterday gave what he termed “the view, I think, of the Administration” that Mos- cow needed more manpower for) farm and factory and that the modern military trend is to put


ee a Qe

that at the London meeting the the air defense of the United Russian leader had taken a States and military operations probing position, or so the generally; and the Army's un- Americans thought. He want- happiness over the Eisenhower ed to know what the United! Administration's emphasis on States might do if the Russians air-atomic power and de- did this or that, such as cutting emphasis on land power.

manpower. He gave no figures,, Thus far, the Symington in- it was said, and hence Dulles vestigation has shown that pres- was correct yesterday in saying ent Administration programs that the talk of a cut before it will let Russia outstrip this Na- came—by both Stassen and tion in long-range, land-based Dulles—was a deduction. nuclear bombers-— which the United States has been dominant. President Eisen-

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7 Woman Killed 24 , 4\On Bay Bridge

.3| ANNAPOLIS, May 22 #—~A “8 woman, panicked by the smell 29 | of in _ automobile, itorial 14 | Picture P 12 {plunged from the moving. ve- te ag 2? Sokolsky age + hicle on the Chesapeake Bay Federal Diary 27 | Sports 51-56 Bridge tonight and was fatally Financial 57-59 | TV-Radio ...49 injured. . Weather ....22| She was identified as Golda 49 ‘Gay Wisenbaker, 48, of Birds

Winchell . Women’s 31.37 ‘boro, Pa. wilt «j

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n| Wilson Against Missile Duel

Army Experts Fire Nikes at Drone As Controversy Clouds Program

(Pictures on Page 12.)


Army Ordnance experts today test.

fired an array of operational | rockets in the midst of a con- tinued heated controversey

down duel, the United Press, not put on especially for news- reported. Wilson told a report-|men. They said these are stand- er the. Defense Department ard tests. Emphasis, however, has no plans for such a con- was obviously on the Nike. Obviously nervous over the ‘Senate Democrats had de- guided missile controversy, the manded a Nike-Talos duel in Army at the last minute called order to deternfine which is‘off plans to hold all informa- the better weapon. |} tion on today’s activities for re-

In Safe Robbery | With Minimum of Federal Controls | | who claims to be a model from h bel d_ back- | | ; ‘as an accessory in a $20 safe on the beliefs and back |. article of faith. This faith! “In the field of national af- i . hapel isoner with and Vice President. It cow ie lois alow he told tne Re-|sion period. On the other hand The shapely pr “This Is Nizon,” published by equaled in the Nation’s history! pays Church, Va. She was From Chapter VIII, “The Role man’s philosophy in a phrase, based on the principle .) free- To some opinion molders in

; 6 W If ~ ? D. C. Beauty Held . ; Nixon Backs ‘General-W eltare State C y Held LAURINBURG, N, C., May) 22 w—A beautiful redhead, Ne! A =< , . | has been in jail This is the fourth of six jis an unbearable cliche. Nixon)Central Committee, in Decem-| Washington, articles in the fourth of a series |knows that, but with him it is|ber, 1945, he wrote: ‘here since Thursday charged ion’ burglary, police disclosed to- grounds of the Nation's lead. fairs grave probiems face the ae . has run through all of his pub- g P day. ing contenders for President lic utterances, since that day|ccuntry during the re:onver- ly prisoner t f the shoulder-length hair-do was lg Sooom'e pots —— publican fact-finding con.mittee |/OF portunities for progress UN- }ooKed as\Laura Hammonds of | ir. the Twelfth Congressional | | G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York: oi Government”: It is not easy to describe a bu. in the case of Nixon it is pessible. His philosophy is dom of enterprise and op- portunity, under the law. the United States in 1956, this’ : 4 .

District of California that “I hold with . . . individual free- doms.and.all that. initiative can produce.”

After the committee had ac- cepted him, and he nad gone back to Baltimore to complete his Navy service, he put on paper some of his convictions about the role that the U.S.

era. In a letter to Roy O. Day,

chairman of the Twelfth Con- gressional District's Republican


Government should play in that

are within our grasp if the true heid in liew of $5000 bail for a ‘principles of American consti-| Superior Court grand jury in tutional government are al- ay lowed to operate. | Police said she allegedly “The .nventive genius ard in-|“cease@” a furniture store the dustrial kgow-how which have day before it was robbed the made America great must not\night of May 16. A salesman be stifled by unnecessary, bu-|\told police after the robbe ‘reaucratic restrictiuns. ¢ 0 that the woman had been in nomic dictatorship by irrespon- inquire about a clothes line. sible Government agencies must never be allowed to be- come an accepted principle of See NIXON, Page 15, Col. 6


lance and when she left town in her car they followed and arrested her at Hamlét, N. C.

a tw


Police put her under surveil- jected demands of

iover the Nation’s guided mis-

‘sile program. + Two of the weapons fired’ in the southern New Mexico des- ert were the Army’s Nike, which has figured prominently lin the dispute between the Army and Air Force. | {In Washington ense Sec- ilson re-

retary Charles E. Senate Democrats that the Nike be

The two pencil-slim Nikes were fired at an 11-foot radio- Operated drone airplane. The Army did not say which of the two Nikes hit the target and gave no details except to say that holes were found in the drone.

Earlier the Army had demon- strated the powers of its

ound-to-ground missiles, the

rporal and the Honest John.

Army officials conducting the

pitted on the Air Force's rival T a show-

tests stressed that the show was



lease about three days later, / ‘But newsmen were..not give ‘an opportunity to file storiés on the rocket shoot until they had gone back to Ft. Bliss in El Paso from the rocket range here,

The shoots here this morn- ing of the three rockets were the first in a series of activi- ties stretching over two days to give newsmen a firsthand view and background on the Army’s guided missile nroere=


THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD | | : | - Shania Declines Visit 2 Wednesday, May 23, 1956 ee co Sa LONDON, May 22 &.—The) Britain in June because Ms , eS Elizabeth would be on a

Indonesian Embassy said today that President Sukarno has de- visit to Sweden and would not clined an invitation to visit' be on hand to receive him.

Attack on Kefauver (| aaaee a Disclaimed by Adlai s N iB i IZOD, Ltd.

By Edward T. Folliard backing ‘in Congress, and added Adlai said. “We know now that Staff Reporter that the Illinois man was “the they didn’t turn up a single

TALLAHASEE, Fia., May 22 most moderate man the South Communist, and that almost) Adlai Stevenson campaigned to-|can select.” /half of thdse let out were hired by the Eisenhower Administra-

day in northern Florida which, “Governor Stevenson,” Cald-|Dy paradoxically, is more “south. well continued, “is the only ton. ern” than the lower part of the Democratic candidate who can’ Stevenson recalled that, al- Sunshine State with its large carry the South, and without though he lost Florida in 1952

population of migrants. ‘the South the Democrats can’t/to President Eisenhower, he win.” had carried Tallahassee, and

ai ths hot and hominy area!” portere went to Stevenson|he. appealed tor the crowd

segregation seems ta he a hotter afterward and asked how he Vote for him in next Tuesday's)

issue than it is down around |{¢lt about Caldwell'’s attack on Primary election wien he and!

resort areas like Miami ‘Kefauver. Kefauver will contest for 28 | “T was sitting behind him convention delegates.

That issue provoked a harsh (Cajqwell),” Stevenson said,| He lambasted the Adminis- attack today on Senator Estes «an4 1 couldn't hear a word he tration for its handling of for- Kefauver of Tennesse, Steven aig sign policy, saying "you can’

rauc) A reporter bri conduct our foreign policy with nomination, an attack for which) what a be A pr gee ya” Hoon a Secretary of State up in the

ep enertr ‘i ad +$

~ ae < «ae


.“ ,

Stevenson afterward disclaimed | . st the Rich air, and a President on the : a ry Oe i ie editorial. neater olf course.” NEW SPORT SHIRTS ‘| “I am not responsible for| Gov. Leroy Collins, Florida's J ernor of Florida, was introduc-|what Gov. Caldwell said about|steatest vote-getter, who has | BY IZOD tthe high eolumned portico of| se Kefauver,” Stevenson said |Said he is “neutral” in the werEStEnES Hows , aaa ithen, “and I am certainly not Stevenson-Kefauver battle, did *_* . yee . ; , pieeien's Bate Capitol in Tal-| responsible for what the Rich-|not attend the rally outside the British Labor Party Chief Visits Ike Exotic prints on fine washable cottons os meee. e set ey s ‘ow | mond paper wrote about him.” | capitol. . . « Richly coloured neat designs... pa ge + nad 9 we din "Ke. “It is probable that I do not| However, he sent his Cadillac) ugh Gaitskell (right), leader of the British day. Gaitskell said the talk covered prob- Modern paisleys . . . The most inter fauver, from the standpoint of| me with all my delegates on limousine with its No. 1 license) | shor Party, and British Ambassador Sir lems of the North Atlantic Treaty Organi- eee cates hel , all questions, including de- tag to the Tallahassee airport| Roger Makins chat wtih President Eisen- sation and Supreme Allied Headquarters in | esting novelties this fine maker has ever

the South. | segregation.” t ; , ; | ; He read from an editorial in) q rend el about 1000 had py srosied bins eniineie hower during a White House visit yester- Europe. | shown.

the Richmond News Leader'| ' : gathered before the State Cap- in the cabinet room. He also which noted that Kefauver had/itol to hear Stevenson today./gave State employes permis-| | $10.95 to $12.95

refused to sign the southern| Most of them were state em-|sion to take time out to listen | ] , Wi ) | manifesio’ denouncing the Su ploves fo the ines man Johnson Wins |Report Press Was Barred | preme Court's ruling against) He went after Vice President) Marvin H. Collins, 79-year-| | BRONZINI SPORT SHIRTS $15 TO $20 segregation in the schools, and| Richard M. Nixon for his part/old father of the Governor, Fi t ] P describing the Tennessean as “a'in the “gross and contemptible greeted Adlai at the airport. irm ontro P | h ] ID d far-left liberal and a sycophant| numbers game in Washington.” wearing a big Stevenson cam-| t 0 Ice Cc 00 ene for the Negro and union vote.” |He recalled how Nixon had paign badge. Of - P | Caldwell, who heads the boasted that the Eisenhower; A number of Gov. Collins’! tate arty ' Stevenson slate of delegates in| Administration removed thou-| political lieutenants are on the’ | Sagi aR Florida's presidential primary sands of subversives and secu- slate of Stevenson delegates in| DALLAS, Tex., May 22 «m The Justice Department said) proved an open session at the me atajeane Laer = vatone | risks Hegre eed nee next Tuesday's primary. Sen. Lyndon B Sebusee took yesterday attendance at police commencement of each school, 0 ss who Government and had c . > fae was backing Kefauver for the that the Truman Kacielen: haceane Min’ irene te Take | firm control today of the texas —a = Nai +7 vineesctsyed rsd we Byerane oF meaiaatie LDHE $ Democratic nomination. He tion was soft on communism. City, and tonight was to move|Democratie Party and won|tion on the civil rights laws is the open sessions. Following the | said that Stevenson had heavy! He knew that wasn’t s0, on to Jacksonville. ‘from state convention dele-|limited to law enforcement offi- opening session, an attending 1409 H STREET ¢ | gates a noisy demonstration |cers in order to promote free re cas waded yi 2rd NA. 8.1409 supporting him as “favorite- discussion. nes ‘tion, and he replied that he son” candidate for President. | Deputy Atty. Gen. William P. qiq not.”

. Estes Stum & Southern Florida On the first tet vote at the Rogers gave this explanation to 5 convention—on the issue of Rep. John E. Moss (D-Calif.) of | | whether Party leaders WhO tne House Government _Infor- bolted to support Dwight D.\_ tion’ Subcommittee in re- Shop Downtown Thursday, 12 to 9, at 7th & K 14th &G

« . = a. a ; Finds Little Interest in Prim IY rege Been a sn nai ro Mo

By Robert C. Albright __ [he said “the foundation of good/use it “when I come ba purge, thus following Johnson's i

Sta! Reporter poh nado is government with as President, like nner m7. plea for a moderate course|,, ay 2 nog meee ey

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fia.,|@ heart, and not government)man did.” Later, in a tran-.49d & harmonious coalition of som te determine whether legit. May 22—Estes Kefauver today|>¥,,indifference.” __|seribed Key West radiocast he © °7Servative and liberal 4, publie information is be-) Maniatis mmeikod |. Kefauver’s plug for Social said: “When I come back, I’) elements in the Party. i ressed by Government ~ 7. Warnes Over the Security was directed across spend more time swimming To the ringing strains of US Sum The ch it tly southern tip of Florida in pur-|the continent to California as boating and fishing thah I will| Dixie” and “Happy Days Are ievarded YA y. Gen Herbe : suit of this state’s elusive 28|well as Florida voters. Only playing golf.” |Here Again,” delegates carry-/rwares ir a oat h f : Democratic convention votes|10 days ago, the National In-| As he strolled down the main|i™& Signs suporting Johnson Cohen S.C. hich rted| but found surprisingly little in- stitute of Social Welfare, head-'street of Key West, shaking £°T President trooped down ok a Sachets” cn il right terest in the forthcoming presi-ied by George ,McLain and hands, a guitar player and - convention aisles. Snclodiog "eens {tutional "guar dential primary. ‘claiming to represent 65,000 base fiddle player came out of | Waving banners, placards and same caean of te ~ mt Where the people did not)members, indorsed Kefauver a bar-grill across the street and Siant portraits of the Senate ceing Saas aeical eat Gell come out to meet Kefauver, the|for the nomination in prefer- started playing the “Tennessee Majority Leader, the delegates the pot was barred from the’

Senator went inside to find ence to Stevenson Waltz” K left doubt th ill | ' | tz.” Kefauver came over ‘“**, "0 GoU ey will name

them, shaking hands with bar-| - 56- ber National C .| Sessions. , | Kefauver obviously doe: and sang the ch h a comember Neusng Louver ' a, viously does not & chorus througn | tion delegation instructed to| Rogers, in his reply, said:

bers, restaurant proprietors and’ ' patrons and patrolling the + age Cicely 0 Pd onan ~— ‘support Johnson seriously. “In the Columbia, S. C., wards of one big Veterans’ Ad-| cenator no vel om = nein Denounces Pamphlet | The big delegation from schools, the chief of police re- ministration hospital. He even .41, prospect of winning ‘the! A couple of hours later Ke.| Harris County, which includes quested the FBI to participate | walked into a County Commis-| ,omination for himself no mat-auver received a second offer| Houston and is the state’s most |by providing instruction in two) sioners’ meeting at Carollie- now he fares in the Flor/of a Summer White House if|PoPulous, led the fight to purge|civil rights sessions. He ap Gables. _lida primary, May 29, and the he wins, from Mayor Fred B. the State Executive Commit-

Kefauver wound up the day’s| california showdown. June §. Hartnett of Coral Gables. Hart-|te¢, dominated by conservative quest for votes with a radio ; nett said Coral Gables is ideai- followers of Gov. Allan Shivers, . } A speech tonight in nearby Hal-| Flies to Key West ily suited to “winter golf.” whose faction was ousted from Billv Graham a . no” landale, pulling out all the stops. Kefauver lieutenants say Replied Kefauver: “I'm not Party control by Johnson in * > 20° lower in his bid for support of the they are perfectly capable of|™uch of a golfer but my wife Precinct and county conven- . | , * old folks in this meeca of re- dealing with any “stop Kefau- Nancy is. Maybe I can play golf | ¥0ns. Spurs Baptist

tired citizens. ' wt here with her and she can come|_ Both Johnson and House ver movement if they pick up fishing with me.” ‘Speaker Sam Rayburn had

Urges nef s s i , , ° whe Adlai Giereneas betore|annex California's big 6B-con-|, Shortly after boarding his|Wrged that the Executive Com-/ wan O@LISIN Ma Fe Like Adlai Stevenson before ntion-vat knot R ‘bus at Miami’s airport, Kefau-| mittee members be allowed to’ 4 ss , him, he declared for Social Eee jac ate | ver called reporters around him| keep their posts until their| es eos 30° : curity benefits for women at|_ With the aid of his wife,) ang denounced as “scandalous terms expire in September. | Evangelist Billy Graham yes- ee Bek o oii age 62, and total disability ben-- Nancy, Kefauver did what he ang scurrilous” a 1952 copy-| Rayburn, dean of Texas’ con- 'terday told the Executive Com- RS. Fe pet? ‘safe F L o a 4 HM a j kz efits for both sexes at age 50,/could today to let Southern righted pamphiet attacking @ressional delegation and|_. f the Baptist World Al “at te . wn Then he went further and/Florida know there’s a contest! adjai StevertBon, which the Speaker of the House longer mane © oe Oe eee , aor” urged an increase in the pres-|8°ing on. In the morning, Mrs. | Senator said was handed out to/than any other man, was not liance that the specia’ role of a * ent Federal ceiling on match-|Kefauver remained in Miami'some of those who attended|on the Convention floor because Baptists is “to lead the world ing funds for public assistance headquarters, shakimg hands| Monday night’s TV “debate”|of the illness of a sister, Miss jn evangelism.” from $55 to $100 a month in| With visitors, while the Senator between Kefauver and Steven-| Lucinda Rayburn. | About 60 Baptist lead from line with a bill he has pend-|flew by private plane to Key | son. | Meanwhile, Texas Republi- ns armpemnnevetoy ing in Congress. West. Later the Senator and| He produced a copy of the|cans holding their Convention'#found the world attended the Taking an indirect poke at| Mrs. Kefauver traveled by bus pamphlet, written by Emman- at Houston invited “homeless”|meeting at the First “aptist the Eisenhower Administration, from Miami’s International Air-| uel Josephson obviously for use conservative Democrats to'iChurch, 16th and O sts. nw. aed . ___|port to Fort Lauderdale, cam-| in the ‘52 campaign, and said he|again join the GOP. In alrne Rey. Theodore F. Adams, >" , Others may talk about hot weather

- ———_———s DAaigning all the way. SUKIYAK Sake Served tn In Key West, Kefauver went supporter of his had anything) unanimous support for Pres- = :. Wr'stling Cups te City Hall, where Mayor C. | to do with its distribuition. One|ident Eisenhower and Vice the Alliance, presided. but we've done COOKED AT Y 'B. Harvey presented him with) paragraph in the pamphlet said| President Richard M. Nixon,) Dr. Graham listed some ob- ~ ethi hout it A OUR TABLE ithe key ta the city. The Senator Stevenson was “a glib, wise- the Republicans said conserva- servations made during his Asi- ~ —_— oe il Jade\ sa held up the key and said he will cracking, Bible-thumping Red.”| tive Democrats—ousted from'atic crusade of last winter. 2 ) —created a collece d . . - ——-|control of their own Party—/They were (1) that men are the ~ X tion of lower, 1018 Vermont Ave. N.W belonged in the GOP. same the world over, (2) people lighter, handsome hee . h ; | respond to the Gospel when LOTOPS in cool

For Res. EX. 3-5474. Sun. 5-10 H I] Ridi | TV D bh | Re . . ‘ever it is preached wit, sim- \ . | a cu es ce ate Ceylon Offered Advice plicity and “power,” (3) Christ, | Parachute Silk,

| COLOMBO, Ceylon, May 22 through the Holy Spirit, can) é | _—_—_ ~ } breezy nylon mesh

Republican National Chair-|“a tired, sorry nspiring “—A trade mission from Com-|Sive grace and spiritual power " "\4 | Pp ired, sorry and uninspiring munist Hungary now in Ceylon(to carry people through all| nig ee or two-tone colors,

: Ww 'affair.” ie | ‘man Leonard W. Hall yesterday The GOP strategy chief as- has offered this country techni- types of suffering, (4) thers is

‘called the Adlai Stevenson- “ela “spiri d ina- : jea : lserted that both Stevenson cal experts to help develop its 4 spiritual common aenomina : - - |Estes Kefauver TV-radio debate Kefauver “proved chat ne ‘iidlstries. Mission “eader ‘T jtor”-that works for peace: oo . 4 PRN i eae 18” & ] Q”

“the biggest flop of the year”|lacked the kind of leadership|Barabas said Pg sce re wes As evancelists, cag Sb ge

but ¢ that would attract voters to more interested in establishing|must remember, he said, that .<